Make-up Sex

Hello Everyone, hope your weekend was good, and what do you think of the HEADIES award,its request time for me again, incase you haven’t liked my page on Facebook, please help a brother out. Click here to like it. 😀

I wanted to go to the HEADIES but the whole broadcast of Posters falling from the streetlight poles on the 3rd mainland bridge scared the shit outta me. I mean what if i got involved in an accident on the bridge and my car dived into the water, WHAT AM I GONNA TELL JESUS? loool…he’ll sentence me to Hell just because of the name of the event i was going.

Moving on, blogging has been an eye opener for me, I have always read blogs for a long time but I don’t comment so I totally understand when people don’t find it convenient to leave their comments, and over the past 4 months that I have started, its been very time demanding and joyful ,l at the same time sad.

Anyway it seems like when someone is appreciating your blog, more like giving you a compliment, another person comes from behind to pump 3 bullets in your head with their comments! But its all good. 🙂

I believe the more you do it, the better you get at it, and this is totally unrelated to Skydiving or Russian Roulette. 😀

Today’s post is gonna be about what we all love, make-up sex! some folks fight in their relationships or marriages just because of make-up sex, the reason for the excitement is , it’s a lot different from normal sex.

It’s a lot more interesting, its more passionate, it’s a whole different experience, it’s like allowing the freak in you come out, more like a full moon for the werewolf.

I love sex but then again, make-up sex is like Sex 2.0, a whole new level. The normal rules go out the window, this time you can get to experiment, so for folks who don’t believe in oral sex, it might be a good route to take during make-up sex, if he doesn’t give you a head depending on whose fault it is for the fight just concluded.

He might just give you that head and for guys, it’s called eating the pussy, but not literally eating the pussy, it a tongue thing, familiarize yourself with the female reproductive organ, it’s just a GOOGLE search away, study the image and notice the Clitoris. It’s what you’re supposed to tease. okay enough of the Female Oral sex lessons  ….looool

For the ladies, we know you with fight us to get that special sex, so we will pretend that we don’t know so we can get behind the sheets and make that special love to you and unlike regular sex that can be slow and sensual; The make-up sex is always more action filled, it’s filled with the hard kisses, butt grabbing and all, it almost feels like all that packed up passion released in a fast beat. It’s always better than regular sex.

Make-up sex can help sustain intimacy during tough times, those times when you’re so mad at each other and can’t seem to be happy with each other, sex always helps to bond better.

I always say that I cannot date a lady I haven’t had sex with, not to talk of marrying such a chic (that’s my own opinion, yours might differ). But I’m sorry it’s how I feel because everything is all about rhythm, one of the reasons why you’re dating her/him or married him/her is because of the chemistry it ‘seems’ you have.

Why not the sex as well, some ladies are great at it, so also guys but the sex could be horrible, or sometimes one of the parties cannot satisfy the other, this will lead to inner tension in the relationship, make-up sex can help in this situation because primarily, at this point, you can tell him/her what you want in bed if you couldn’t tell him/her on a regular day, so it’s a good way to improve your sex life either in a relationship or in marriage.

Also during a heated argument, the body secrets certain hormones such as adrenaline and dopamine, these hormones are responsible for desire, that’s why anytime you’re arguing or having a heated debate, your heartbeat increases due to the adrenaline and by some strange reason you find each other attractive which is what the dopamine is responsible for.

Let me just drop this here, the dopamine is also responsible for you refreshing your Facebook/yahoo mail/twitter TL every 5 minutes for new notifications, it deals with the pleasure centre of the brain, it’s filled with anxiety, so its natural for you to want make-up sex even after arguing about, who is sexier in Mo’cheddah and Rihanna…loool, something I stole from @Reine_LaGlace’s blog…hehehe **Evil grin**

So, the question is have you ever broken up just so you can have make-up sex with your partner?

Keep Reppin’

‘Deolu Bubbles

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12 responses to “Make-up Sex”

  1. lagoshunter says :

    Nothing to say, you already got my comment in your DM

  2. samsie says :

    Ok we have heard.

  3. Kemmiiii says :

    “We’re having make up sex; No Mascara!”

  4. terdoh says :

    *adjusts virgin halo*

  5. Sandie Pandie says :

    hmmmm… *walks away*

  6. Mz_Shadee says :

    I’ve never had make-up sex ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯

  7. phantompages says :

    LOL @ MAKE UP SEX! Because i’m terribly conservative, the answer is no but i bet its awesome! 😀

  8. aot2 says :

    Hmmm…make-up sex. The best kind

  9. Kayode Martins Olowo (@Datokunboi) says :

    Makeup sex……Tested and trusted.

  10. olisa says :

    Make up sex is alwayz lyk the first time

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