17 Awosika

Welcome to a new mini-series on here, 17 Awosika is the address of the event that occur in this duplex consisting of 2 x 3 bedroom flat n a 2 bedroom flat BQ. We would be sharing their lives/ daily experiences and filthy stories 😀

Please keep note that 17 Awosika is purely fictional, any semblance to real life situation is purely coincidental

Here it goes:

My name is Bukunmi, but most people call me BK.

Blackmail got me here(as in living in 17 Awosika) and so many things in life, I have a knack for walking into situations that requires me to keep a secret and I know how to use this to my advantage, this particular house has many secrets, let me introduce you to my neighbors.

Nnamdi & Vivian stay at the flat upstairs, they’ve been married for 7 years I think, Nnamdi is an investment bank with a multinational bank while vivian is an event manager, she runs her own company giving her the ample space and time she needs to take care of their daughters, Rita and Ify, Rita is 7 years old while Ify is 3 years old, from their marriage affair, I can tell Nnamdi was forced to marry when he impregnated her when they just came out of NYSC,they have been dating a long time, Nnamdi was a rascal when he was in school, from some of his behavior at times, you can tell he would have been a cultist in school, but that’s one thing about life, he’s more of a trustfund kind of guy sha,he’s financially stable, very very, Vivian is an okay woman, she isn’t particularly pretty neither is she ugly, the only good thing about her is the way she talks, she has this cool accent, lovely! Her kids are lovely and warm, very respectful, they greet each time they see you.

Martins & Kemi, lovely couple, a strict story of fine boy weds fine girl, Martins is a young lawyer, junior associate, finished from school 2006, called to bar 2009, nice dude , his wife, Kemi is with private banking  dept of a big bank, she has this white woman shape, tall,pretty, light in complexion, lovely lips, cute hips, she’s sha fine….lolllz. They’ve been married for over a year, no kids yet, they’re always going out here and there, clubs, movies, beach, and all, secretly Nnamdi envied them, they were this fun and lively couple, bt Martins was a reckless womanizer. I always wonder why martins will cheat on this lovely lady, she was very adorable and P.S, I only like her, I don’t go after married women moreover martins is a sharp player, a 9 for that matter, maybe martins can solve Arsenal’s problems……

These are the main actors in this movie, welcome to 17 Awosika!


3 responses to “17 Awosika”

  1. koyn says :

    *buys popcorn and pepsi in anticipation*

  2. kunlexy301 says :

    Ds is going to b interesting

  3. Kemmiiii says :

    *Grabs Virgin cola*

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