Photo of the week

Welcome to the Pilot Photo of the week.

We would like you to give caption to the picture above, we’re looking for the most creative caption/title to this image, you can relate it to whatever connects to you.

Drop your title/caption in the comment box.

At the end of the week, on friday by 6pm, we will announce the winner, we will be giving airtime worth N1,000 to the winner.

The picture was supplied to us by @MzShadee.

If you have any picture you would like us to feature here, please send it to

Thank you for visiting 🙂


6 responses to “Photo of the week”

  1. 'Deolu Bubbles says :

    Since no one is giving it a shot, lemme try


    The Nigerian Dilemma —-thats my caption
    Everything is in disarray, it seems like there is no idea of where to start to sort the issues….

    How did i do? Looool

  2. moi says :


  3. ekwe says :

    Community Pole.

    it is often said that the community goat dies of hunger because everyone expects everyone else to feed it. it is obvious no one wants to drop money to replace this poor dead pole.loool.

  4. weird_oo says :

    Ekwem you’re a community goat! Lmao!
    Ok let me think.
    How about ‘Wireless Connection’ An irony of course. 😀

  5. busy_brain says :

    hmmmm….okay “N I G E R I A”

  6. 'Deolu Bubbles says :

    Thanks to everyone who dropped their title/tag.

    The little challenge with the other titles are they dont have description for the title unlike @ekwem

    Everyone is a winner, every answer here was right but one was more expressive than the rest.


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