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SEX! : GF vs Parole

Okay girls, please calm down, let me let you in on a little secret, for the fact that we’re sleeping with that babe you’ve been suspecting on our phone or that babe you cant find her chat on our bbm but u’ve seen some of her nudes on our phone which we were carelessly enough not to hide.

We don’t love you any less and please we aint leaving you for her, it doesn’t matter how much she fucks well, there is something about you that just makes us wanna stay with ur ass( pardon my french).

I hope thats pretty much cleared up, in case you’re still stressed up on it, improve your sexy prowess, but we “almost” love you completely, notice the keyword, almost. I always like to use almost because as guys we always have a little reservation about almost everything, there is just these crazy standards in our heads that we’ve set, we can bypass it sha, most times we do.

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