The Walk of Shame

Morning people, hope your weekend was fun and fulfilling? Well it’s a Monday, and you need to get back on the horse of school or work, or even both, depends on which applies to you. This is another week in October and we’re speedily getting to the end of the month, it seems to me like the days are speeding like 200km/hr because when I was younger, days were longer, I mean, they were was really  slow but these days, everything just moves so fast 😦 .

December is approaching again with its usual wahala, gift shopping, Christmas spending and all, let me not bore you with my predicaments for the end of the year, folks like me will understand tho.

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Back to my post, some of us or let me say, most of us would know what it means, it’s mostly about ladies ‘morning after’ exit from a guy’s house, Chics know what this means and before I proceed let me just say it again here, this is purely my own opinion, Shikena!

You can drop your own opinion in the comment box 🙂 .

If you wake up in a guy’s house after what seems to have been a night of fun, you feel headache at the back of your head slowly moving forward, you’re completely nude in bed with who looks like a stranger (lets hope he isn’t fat with flabby arms :D) with his hands on your hips, and you’re thinking OMG!You’re very unsettled, your hair is in a bad shape, you look around and you can’t recognize the room from the database of your head, ladies, am sad to tell you, you’re about to do the walk of shame, you might need to tread slowly out or move confidently depending on how the shag went :D.

I feel one of the main factors for the awkward walk is the fact that you’re wearing something that seemed so cool and sexy last night but this morning it makes you look like one “Ashana”, you know how you ladies dress to go clubbing on Friday or Saturday nights, it’s always skimpy dresses and very revealing with those high heels;

Now it’s okay in the night but in daylight, it’s not so cute, for me the whole trip is always embarrassing. firstly, if the guy sees you off, you’ve got a problem based on the neighbourhood, people will you judge firstly by who is seeing you off, secondly judge by what you’re wearing and people can safely assume you’re either  “Olonsho” or his girlfriend, moreover if you’re his girlfriend you can afford to leave at a later time not in the morning.

I have this habit of staying outside Saturday mornings, just watching from my balcony, I stay in Akoka, a very popular street in there, it’s in the  morning that you see all sorts, some even do the walk of shame in batches, and in all of this the guy is never seen as the bad element. He will be “hailed” as the “badt” guy while the girl will be regarded as a “hoe”. Now, I’m not one to judge, it’s just the way the society has categorized it.

Another factor that can help your walk will be to look fresh, you might just want to have a quick shower, at least if you will go out to walk the walk, you might as well be dashing, you don’t want to show people those bloodshot red eyes, the scattered hair; freshen up, your “hoe-y” clothes are bad enough, when you navigate through the street in your walk of shame, make sure people are wowed by your walk and even make eye contact with some people.

I feel for the aunties (their own views are different from regular chic’s own) or let me just say chics generally doing the walk of shame, they don’t mind, they just keep going like nothing happened, especially when they’ve not had ‘some’ in a long while, I’m talking of chics who haven’t had sex for over 4 months upward and they just had a beautiful one over night, they will walk with giant strides through their walk of shame especially if it’s the multi-orgasmed one, they’ll probably walk on like they just sealed a business deal, lol.

Last but not the least is, best be honest about what it is, if it was just a one-night stand, just move on with the rest of your life, if you can convince yourself of what it is, it will be easier to deal with whatever springs out of the encounter of the walk, i feel its the piercing eye of people ladies are bothered about, if you can feel them looking at you from their so called high horses.

If you enjoyed it and hopefully if he was a good-looking guy, your walk might not be that horrible, but if he’s short, bald, has horrible dentition, you might as well fall as you do walk of shame in the middle of the street, and I hope you’re wearing your panties because if you fall down with your short skirt and you aren’t wearing panties, well I hope the pictures don’t get leaked on the internet or even my “very random” section.

If you feel bad about it, just remember, you’re entitled to a few ‘hoe moment’, lets hope you’ve not exhausted all the moments you’ve been given.

Have a wonderful week people, more to come this week on this blog, Cheers!

Keep Reppin’

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14 responses to “The Walk of Shame”

  1. phantompages says :

    lmao! “but if he’s short, bald, has horrible dentition, you might as well fall as you do walk of shame in the middle of the street” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! can i just say, that I’ve never done the walk of shame! I’ve never done any walk actually…wait..that good or bad?

  2. Me says :

    Lmao..Hoe-Moment *buhahahahaha* nice one nice one

  3. bamidelenewton says :

    *whistling* another hoe day

  4. TheManya says :

    Lmao…..this is so on point

  5. ifunanyasblog says :

    Nice….shouldn’t this have come before the weekend. Anyways the walk of shame will always be the unglamorous….unless he has a car to drop you of with the next morning.

  6. terdoh says :

    This post was on point. Good job Deolu.

  7. @bossikeh says :

    Men don’t have walk of shame, what we do is called “graceful stride”.

  8. MzLucyM says :

    Lol iv done it b4 😐 dts all I can say.

  9. Kunlexy301 says :

    Hahahahaha ds is very very funny. I’v witnessed lots of walks of shame very funny thing esp wen d girl is feeling embarrassed

  10. wale says :

    nice one, well outlined, even as a guy i totally agree wt you on this one..
    What really hit me was the boldness of the blog and how u outlined everything ste by step… av never had a one night stand but based on the blog, i can paint a vivd picture…

    keep them coming

  11. vickychipz says :

    Lmao! Perfect title – Walk of shame

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