17 Awosika : Episode 7

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Vivian’s mother Nne had been around for a couple of days now, Ify and Rita always look for a way to be around their grand mother all the time, they always ran to her when they got back from school, they always wanted Nne to feed them despite the fact that Vivian had told them to  eat by themselves, Nne was always happy to see Ify and Rita, they reminded her of when she raised Vivian and her siblings.

Nne was playing with the kids as Vivian got in from what seemed to be a stressful day, she had to go round Balogun market to look for souvenirs for one celebrity’s kid’s birthday party, the walking around the market was what killed Vivian, she would have sent one of her workers but her client will throw a fit if it wasn’t what they agreed on, the Balogun market was her last stop to find out if she could source for the items locally before travelling abroad to get them.

Coming from Balogun now, she had to start packing for her trip to London to go get the souvenirs, Vivian was too tired to be bothered about her mother feeding Rita and Ify, she could barely muster the enough energy to greet her mother before she dropped herself on an empty couch, she called out for Enoh to get her a cold glass of orange juice.

Nne asked Vivian sarcastically “Is this how you get home and totally ignore your kids”

Vivian replied “Mama, how can you say that”

Nne replied harshly “Isn’t that what am seeing here”

Vivian replied “At all mama, am just too busy, I have been walking around Balogun market for more than 3 hours looking for gift souvenirs?”

Nne asked sarcastically again “Weren’t you paid for the job?”

Vivian replied “Yes mama, they even paid well for it”

Nne replied “So, why are you complaining then”

Vivian replied “Mama, so because they’ve paid, I should die on their job”

Nne replied “You’re just a lazy woman, you gave birth to just 2 children and you stopped.”

Vivian replied sheepishly “Mama, don’t even go there?”

Nne replied changing her sitting posture to face Vivian “Oh Oh, you don’t want to go there, I gave birth to 5 of you, am still here strong as ever, hale and hearty”

Nne stood up to stretch her arms and legs, as Rita and Ify laughed as Nne called their mother lazy.

Vivian replied “Mama, that was a long time ago, times have changed, do you know how much we pay for these kid’s school fees”

Nne responded “Don’t the both of you make enough money to take care of your family?”

Vivian replied “Mama, we do, we are not complaining”

Nne replied “So, what have you been doing since if not complaint”

VIvian replied sarcastically “Mama, I don’t want to be dragged into this argument with you.”

Vivian grabbed the TV remote to turn to Silverbird, the TV screen had a breaking news being read, Vivian increased the television volume, Nne and Vivian suspended their argument as the news caster revealed that the Vice President’s son Chibuzor was involved in an airplane bombing, the news caster further revealed that the ill-bound plane took off from Abuja to Port Harcourt.

Nne folded her hands over her breasts in grief, Vivian was also sad, telling Nne that the Vice President’s first son had been kidnapped earlier on and now, his second son has been killed by an explosion.

Nne went into her sympathy mood, chanting different igbo words to mourn the loss of a son, saying after all the years they had spent taking care of the child, now he’s dead, he can’t even repay his parents for the kindness.

Vivian had moved past the sad phase, she was already telling Enoh what she wanted to eat and noticed that Enoh’s face was pale, but she wasn’t in the mood to play nurse, Enoh disappeared to the kitchen to prepare Vivian’s food.

Nne was still mourning the loss when Vivian asked her if she had special interest in the Vice President, but Nne shut her up saying she doesn’t know what it feels like to lose a child especially when the child is an adult, she sat her down and told her stories of the civil war how the Nigerian Soldier murdered the Igbo families where stray bullets killed so many Igbo children.

Vivian couldn’t be bothered, she felt bad for the Vice President but it happened everyday to people who were not as popular as them, people were only taking this serious because it’s the Vice President, Vivian mustered enough strength to get out of couch to go freshen up, as she stood up, Nne asked Vivian about Nnamdi.

Vivian turned back and told her “Mama, he’s in Abuja, he has been there for a while now, this isn’t the first time am telling you this, they’ve got work to do.”

Nne replied “I know you’ve told me, am just wondering when he’ll be back”

Vivian replied “The new banks taken over by government, his bank is one of them, he has a senior managerial post in the bank, and so he’s meeting with the government on how to make the transition smooth”

Nne replied “So, he’s meeting with the President?” Nne’s face lightens up

Vivian replied “Not sure, if the President is part of their meeting”

Nne moved back to the kids telling them to clear the table so she can help them with their assignments.


The Vice President has been in shock ever since the plane crash, the kidnappers dared to kill his second son? Oh this is very personal, he has been receiving all sorts of calls all day, he couldn’t bear to stay alone, his wife was wailing throwing herself against the ground, other family members and friends were swarming in to mourn with them, it was a really sad day for the Vice President and his family, they had opened a condolence register in the living room, the TV houses are currently running through the list of the other people who died in the crash including 2 of Chibuzor’s childhood friends, Abuja was in mourning, the  VP and his wife were put in separate rooms with their family members tending to them.

All of a sudden the VP’s wife barged into the room where the VP was, screaming, launched on her husband, raining blows onto his chest, she couldn’t get to his face due to his height and body frame, she wanted to tear away his clothes, she was cursing out at him, she was lashing all sorts of hurtful words at the VP, holding him personally responsible for the disaster currently befalling their family, she blamed it all on him joining Politics, the voice of the VP’s wife was that of a woman who has lost everything, she looked like a shadow of her former self, she had lost all the semblance of beauty everyone knew her for, she was looking like mannequin now. She continued her rants until some of the women came into the room to take her out, the countenance of the VP was complete sorrow, everyone understood what the family was going through.

Suddenly, the VP left the room he was, went into his own bedroom, had a change of clothes, stepped out, people were calling out at him, at this time the VP’s countenance has changed from sorrow to rage, his eyes radiated pure anger, he took his SSS details and took his car with little or no motorcade, the VP stormed into the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting, the President was sitting at the top of the gigantic table while several other notable influential people were seated around the table, everyone wanted to offer their personal condolences apart from the calls they gave him but he interrupted the first person.

The VP continued “Everyone here knows what has been happening to my family for the past few weeks and recently yesterday, I have come here for one thing”

The President cut in “Gen. Osuji, we are all aware of your predicament, how can we be of help, please tell us”

VP continued “I want this sitting to release the war criminal Isiaka Ogbomo, his people have taken my first son, Chidi”

Everyone in the room adjusts their chair, coughs and all glares are towards the President, he is the Commander-in-Chief.

The President got off his chair turned his back at the conference room, looking uninterested out of the window “Mr. VP, You know we can’t do that”

VP replied “Mr. President, I don’t have a choice, if we don’t, his people will kill Chidi, we all know he is my surviving son”

President replied “What does the SOD have?”

VP replied “They located the place where they were taken hostage but they were moved before our security people got there, Isiaka’s people are everywhere, they have people everywhere, they have infiltrated the government over the years”

President asked “How long have we been holding Isiaka Ogbomo” The President sinks back to his seat

VP replied “he’s been in Ikoyi prison for over 12 years”

President replied “Why do they want him out now, we were barely out of the military regime then”

VP replied “Sir, I feel it might have to do with Bakassi Pennisula situation before the World Court, a while back when I was in the military, Cameroun was fighting us for that land, the then President ordered a special squad to go into the troubled zone”

President more attentive than ever replied “Please continue”

VP replied “The men were under my portfolio, I assigned the best of the best to go in, when they got there, they eliminated all the Cameroonians’ there, it was bloody Mr. President but it got worse after they annihilated them, the soldiers went into their houses to rape their wives and children”

President remained silent and continued listening

VP continued “Isiaka Ogbomo was a top-notch soldier, he was full of promise to the military so I sent him along with them to learn about special ops, he tried to stop the solders from raping the women but his training was no match for the elite team we sent, they beat him up and brought him back to me as a traitor that he was helping the enemy, I ordered him taken into custody and imprisoned, he was held for treason but never charged”

President replied “General, you kept all of this from us, how about the Elite Special squad now”

VP replied “They’re all dead sir; the last one was killed about 8 months ago”

President got furious banging on the table “General, all of this happened and you didn’t think of telling anybody?”

VP replied “It wasnt a threat to the National Security then, I tried to track them down but I couldn’t, they had already taken all of them out.”

President replied “A war is definitely brewing, most definitely, Should we believe that the Cameroonian government is behind all of this?”

VP replied “I can’t say that is a 100% true, sir”

The President continued “This is an elaborate scheme, but we told the public a different story, that is my own problem right now, i was also lied to”

VP replied “I know sir, we needed a cover story then, the story was getting into the media, a good cover was our best bet”

The President replied “General, we told people, he was against the government, planning a coup against our new democracy, i was also lied to, I am General Commander of the Federal Republic!”

VP replied “I know and i am very sorry for that but, Mr. President but if we don’t, they will kill my son”

The President replied “If we release him, what would we tell Nigerians, that the man who plotted to overthrow our democracy has a change of mind and won’t be doing that again?”

VP replied “We can create a new story to back it up”

The Minister for Defence jumped in “Am sorry, Mr. Vice President but we cannot risk releasing Isiaka Ogbomo, we will lose the little confidence our people have in us”

President cuts in “Mr. Vice President, give us a minute, let us deliberate on this, just give us 5 minutes”

VP stepped out, pacing back and forth with a million and one thoughts in his head.


Couch potato mode for BK was effortlessly relaxing, he had bought all sorts of series to watch castle season 4, leverage season 4, Fringe Season 4, he was sure it was gonna be fun, he moved to the Home theatre to put in the Leverage DVD, and went back to the couch, Susan was bringing in 2 bowls of cereals with milk, she was wearing a body top with no bra underneath with her pants, she was looking sexy especially with BK seeing her in not more than 2 sparse clothings, she had made him nervous with a semi boner down south.

BK was thinking to himself, who ever walks in to his house will think she is my live-in girlfriend, probably just finished shagging and having a nice time in front of the TV, BK pitied himself, the most they had gone was him sucking her boobs meanwhile she just told him that she shags some guy for shagging sake, then why won’t she shag him, but he always remembered the saying, that good things come to those who wait for it.

He collected his own bowl from her and she settled on the big  comfy couch with him laying with her, he was at the back while she laid in front of him sideways, his face was in her hair, he could smell the scent of the Indian hair, she turned her face around and kissed his lips, he kissed her back and then she smiled, BK asked her why she’s smiling, she replied ” I like this” BK replied her with  “I don’t like this, I love this” .

They kissed even more and then faced the TV, BK pressed the play button and the show began, both of them lost in bliss watching the show.

BK raised her arm up and put his hand underneath like hugging her from the back while lying down with her side, she held his hand in a sensual way then continued with their show, she removed her hand to brush her hair back as it just fell into her line of sight, BK put his hand underneath her body top, ran it through her flat tummy and up to her boobs, she didn’t protest, she just continued watching the show, they’re already past this one, BK continued, wondering if today will be his lucky day.

He kept cupping her but she just ignored it putting her hand elsewhere, BK slowly moved his hands to her nipples, as he started rubbing her nipples, she adjusted her legs, rubbing them into each other, while continuing her movie like nothing was happening.

BK still feeling like he’s performing an experiment, he tried pull up the body top and Susan didn’t protest arching her belly upward so he can pull it up, BK’s mind was racing back and forth, he knew where they were, but going for her privates he wasn’t sure of, so he decided to give it a try, he replaced his right hand with his left hand rubbing her nipples while using his right hand to massage her waist and hips down.

Susan behaved as if she is unaware of his moves on her body, he rubbed his hand into her inner thigh, she still didn’t protest, rather she opened her legs a little bit, BK said to himself maybe this is the day the Lord has made, he used his fingers to push aside her pants and his fingers find their way into her temple, navigating through the well shaved pubs, he found the clit and ran soft rubs over it, she arched her back, BK could feel she wasn’t watching the TV anymore rather she was closing her eyes, she took out his hands from her pubs, and then turned to face him on the big couch.

Susan began kissing BK hotly, the clit was the ultimate turn-on for her, she didn’t get too aroused from her boobs but her clit was a sure banker, the kissing became fierce, she told BK to lay on his back on the couch, straddled him and then sat on top of him and took off her singlet, kissing him intensely.

BK was way aroused, she stopped and then started rubbing her pubic area against BK’s crotch,  they both had their underwear on, BK was staring at her fun bags, totally beautiful sight, nipples standing like number 1, she moved back and undid the button on BK’s boxers, releasing his dick, stroking it back and forth, whispering to BK, you’re quite big.

She removed the panty anyway from her pussy and gently sat on his dick, gently easing his dick into her pussy, Susan’s wetness made it easy for BK’s dick to ease in smoothly into her pussy, she rode him like no man’s business, BK tried to adjust his balls, so Susan won’t  break them, Susan was a real freak, she would stop a bit and then rotate her hips round his dick, BK felt his dick touching some part of her but he couldn’t be bothered, she was riding him hard and fast, resting her hands on his chest, he was about to come, so, he held her waist and told her he was about to come, Susan disregarded this  and continued riding, his cum was very short because she was still riding fast and fast and then her jacks became slow , with a whitish fluid coming out of her.

BK asked her “You do know I came inside of you”

Susan replied “Am not bothered about that, I just hope you’re clean else”

BK cut in “I am clean jo, don’t worry”

They assumed back to their usual posture with their attention on the series this time around.


Benard and Lanre had 2 hostiles in custody, the one brought in earlier, Rasak and the one Lanre brought in from the crash at Maryland, before they got into the interview, Morris informed Benard that the kidnappers had killed VP’s second son, advising them to be thorough and ruthless.

After 1 hour of the interview, Lanre gave more respect to Benard because only one hostage was left but he already told them where the new safe house is, Bernard use lead in the penis torture technique to get out information, he called Morris to give him heads up

Benard said “Hello, One of the hostiles has given us the information”

Morris replied “Ok, will get back to you, but we need to move quickly”

Morris continued “Give me 10 minutes, am at the Presidential villa now”


All other members of the FEC were dismissed with just the minister of Defence in the meeting with the President and the Vice President.

The President continued “i’m sorry, General, we can’t release Isiaka Ogbomo, the Minister will give you further information on how to proceed”

The President with remorse looked at the VP touching him on his shoulder, the President walked out of the room.

The Minister continued “The SOD just informed that they have a location for the new safehouse, The Army will support you with 6 members from TeamZuma”

VP replied “TeamZuma?? How will that help me”

The Minister replied “They are the best of the best, they have been trained in the harshest of condition with the most unthinkable war tactics, the shortest of the team member is 6ft2 with athletic build, the highest kind of training in tactics, knife battle, and gun battle, they have been leading every African Peacekeeping mission, they’re African’s finest.”

VP replied “how will my son be rescued”

The Minister replied “They will assist; i don’t think the kidnappers have a chance with them, they’re the team lead, they’ve been in Sudan, Sierra Leone, Liberia, they’ve been in training with M.I6, the C.I.A, you can be sure of their competence”.

The VP left the room and the villa, on his way, he called Morris to inform him to pick up some soldiers at the airport in 4 hours time, that they would join the assault on the new safehouse with SOD agents.

The VP told them most of what he knows about the Isiaka Ogbomo except that he wasn’t Nigerian, Isiaka Ogbomo was his alias, his real name is Gerard Njossou.

He is the Camerounian President’s out-of-wedlock son, he sent him to Nigeria to train in the Military, due to Nigeria’s foreign reputation in Peace keeping mission, President Stephane Djemba Njossou sent him to Gen. Osuji at a very young age.

Gerard had fully nationalised into Nigeria, no one would doubt he wasn’t a Nigerian, President Stephane’s plan is bring him back home to become his Chief of Staff and later the President.

The President’s wife had no luck given birth to a son, thanks to the President’s wild youth, it gave birth to his only legacy, which the Nigerians have held in prison for over 12 years.

The President’s private physician just informed him that his days are numbered due to the Cancer eating the life out of him. His son must be released, that’s why this operation must succeed without any loose ends.

The Nigerians have refused to play nicely, he concluded its time to take the gloves off.

The VP was brought back to the present by a phone call from his brother-inlaw, which he ignored.

He cut the call off and then calls Kelechi Okafor, the head of Ikoyi Prisons where Isiaka is been held.

Kelechi picked up his phone “Hello”

VP replied, “ Hello Kelechi, this is Gen. Osuji, the Vice President of the Federal Republic”

Kelechi replied, “Afternoon sir, how may I help you”

VP continued “I need to discuss something with you in private, will call you back in 30 mins, be somewhere you can talk freely”

Kelechi replied “Ok Sir”

The line went dead.

The VP thought to himself, if the President doesn’t release him freely, he might just plan a prison riot to get Isiaka out.

The VP’s car zooms off into the outskirts of Abuja, driving to Kubwa.


This Episode is dedicated to @Terdoh, Happy Birthday, Have a wonderful one!


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