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Local Sexual Enhancer : Ogidiga

First of all, i want to say a big thank you to everyone who has read this blog and invited people to read it as well, i am very grateful, if there is anyway i can help or you wish to get across to me, you can send a mail to deolu.bubbles@gmail.com or send it to my  timeline  @deolububble.

Okay, some of us know this new wave called “Ogidiga” and for some of us, its quite new, its the next best thing since slice bread, says a very close friend of mine, we have all heard of different local sexual stimulants, from the first generation of big stout, Jedi, Ale, opa eyin, these were the traditional means which alot of boys used and then came the Alomo bitters, the “agbo” that became more acceptable with better packaging, even more “tush” people were able to use it, the beauty of alomo is that it helps eradicate pile and some other minor illnesses in the body and also improves the sex drive.

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