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Fallen woman

Hi everyone, hope you’re good. Its New year’s eve, wonderful time, traffic ridden time for folks trying to make it home  before 12 midnight. No ball is dropping in this side of the world, ball might not drop but Boko Haram has ‘humbly’ asked everyone to remain in their house. The warning is going out to both Christians and Muslims.

Boko Haram has asked people to boycot the watchnight service, and right now Mr. President isnt inspiring at this time. @josephEParker will do a better job right now….looool

Couldnt attend #TNC3, was out of town but i heard it rocked, Shout out to the TNC crew.

The one question i have is, when will this Boko Haram season pass?

Moving on, a wonderful friend sent me something a while back, cute story, i love her style of writing. Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome @olubela

The deep darkness gives way to translucent light rays. I push myself back into the deeps, but a throbbing ache in the lower part of my abdomen doesn’t take kindly to my laziness. I turn; face resting deeply on the soft cushion. The world inviting as the veil of sleep opens up to my surrounding.

My eyes register a muscled body, naked, slipping into a pair of jeans. I sit up abruptly, dragging the white sheet to my mouth.

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Babe: First 5 minutes

Hi folks, i told you yesterday that we would have a female guest writer, she’s writing a female version for yesterday post, enjoy it and leave your comments.

We ladies always have our way whenever we want and can do anything to achieve that. We run the world forget the guys give them some loving and that’s it you got them hooked. We have the strongest heart cause after several heart breaks we
still stand strong. We can make and as well break men. We could be very caring and at same time vicious.

These days women get paid more than men(asides pornography industry) and unlike those days ladies are now on high seats.

Talking about our first meeting with a man we could be very choosy. He has to look smart and neatly dressed. If he’s tall, dark and handsome its a plus( i don’t like fair guys, no offense  yellow boys). He has to be confident and intelligent and also charming and also smell nice.

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