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Babe: First 5 minutes

Hi folks, i told you yesterday that we would have a female guest writer, she’s writing a female version for yesterday post, enjoy it and leave your comments.

We ladies always have our way whenever we want and can do anything to achieve that. We run the world forget the guys give them some loving and that’s it you got them hooked. We have the strongest heart cause after several heart breaks we
still stand strong. We can make and as well break men. We could be very caring and at same time vicious.

These days women get paid more than men(asides pornography industry) and unlike those days ladies are now on high seats.

Talking about our first meeting with a man we could be very choosy. He has to look smart and neatly dressed. If he’s tall, dark and handsome its a plus( i don’t like fair guys, no offense  yellow boys). He has to be confident and intelligent and also charming and also smell nice.

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