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Special Day (18+)

Hello Tweeps, hopefully you had a good weekend, Christmas is sunday………**insert appropriate smiley**

In my own personal opinion, its over-rated 😛 Am definitely not the angry ‘shid’ but it’s just my opinion. I will be away anyway. About last week friday, we couldn’t give out our usual giveaway asides the winner, which was @JibolaL, the problem is people load it without saying anything, a little “Hey Deolu, I loaded the MTN card” will help, we will continue this week anyway. Please just own up. Thanks

Moving on **Clears throat** , have got a guest adult blogger today, female actually. I feel its refreshing to read soft porn from a lady’s point of view. Without further ado, enjoy it


Today was gonna be a special day, I was going out with Kunle…The cute teenager that had a crush on older me. I took my time getting dressed; I was aiming for the killer look.

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Badt Sharp Guys

Hello everyone, I keep thanking people for coming to my blog right? Yes, because it doesn’t cost you anything not to come, and just go over to other interesting blogs, and as for the comments, I always appreciate them. Thanks very much.

Today’s topic was inspired by hmmm, some event I saw some weeks ago, 2 weeks ago actually. Which brings me to the question, who wins at the end of the day? Men or Women? Let me expatiate further , I saw a girl we went to university together, we say hi to each other but we aren’t really close friends like that.  On to the main issue.  Okay, I saw her with her family, she was driving and her husband was sitting next to her. Now I’m not sure if he was teaching her how to drive, but they looked like they were just coming back from church, with their kid at the back, driving home in peace.

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Good morning folks, hope you had a lovely weekend, like I did, especially the fact that I didn’t do anything throughout the weekend, I like to do that alot of times, just sit indoors, no visitors, sleep, watch tv and write 17 Awosika, i have news for you; it will come up every Thursday, and for the DS series, it will come up Wednesdays, I am still expecting people who want to volunteer to be my editor, as alot of people complain that they’re way too many errors on my posts, but thanks for the love anyway, appreciate it :*

If you havent read the Porno, you should, very interesting comments.

Now to today’s Post, its called DONT TOUCH ME, these 3 words we usually come across when ladies visit guys.***clearing my throat***

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Mumu Button!

Hello everyone, how was your weekend, hope it was peaceful, this post was should have been up on friday but due to the attack on the U.N building in Abuja,some of us were scattered,calling all our loved ones around the area trying to find out if they’re okay and all, but we thank God for his mercies sha, last week saturday marked a certain milestone for this blog and i really appreciate the visits, the comments, the retweets and all. My last post on the DS Series brought about some comments and perhaps adjustments to that section, it isn’t any big deal anyway, i will try to bring it in a better, irresistible and packaged manner, when i started this blog, all i wanted to do was write posts from a sorta different point of view, I wasnt looking to be poetic about it, i wanted to write them like i was gisting with someone, something friendly, no boundaries.

Hence the use of Pidgin english in my posts, i hope that you do understand why i write the way i write, the reason for the shorthand is like I want it to feel like a bbm chat of some sort although, a longer version of it anyway, all in all, its to bring entertainment to you, thanks a lot once again.

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