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Hello friends,hope you are well and having a great week so far. 17 days till christmas … woop woop!!

Mr Bubble wanted me to do a post on sunshades this week, how exciting right ? its the festive period and i am sure you guys want to score some cool points and turn up your swag this holiday season.

As you know when the sun is out, its time to bring out the sun shades and impress, like they say my sunshade better pass your own :-). There are different types of sun shades for different face shape and type, so spending time to try some on and choose ones that suit your face is vital. Its not cool to wear sunshades thats doesnt suit your face type because everyone has it. Perfect example is the wayfarer , THEY DONT SUIT EVERYONE, but it seems to be in every music video these days lol.

I have chosen a few generic but nice sunshades, unfortunately, its hard to find anything thats not wayfarers or aviators at the moment. There are some slightly different ones by Oliver Peoples, i think Oliver people is the worlds best kept secret, simply because their sunshades are retro, fun,  and different in my opinion of course.


3 responses to “Sunnies”

  1. funchiq says :

    Ok I dnt get dis post, just pictures of sunglasses and how guys shld buy theirs from a shop with mirrors or go with an honest friend who wld tell u whether u luk like ice cream or crap.

  2. yemijohnson says :

    I LIKE THE 5TH one, i have tried the marc jacobs version of the 6th one, it din’t go well on my face.

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