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Make-up Sex

Hello Everyone, hope your weekend was good, and what do you think of the HEADIES award,its request time for me again, incase you haven’t liked my page on Facebook, please help a brother out. Click here to like it. 😀

I wanted to go to the HEADIES but the whole broadcast of Posters falling from the streetlight poles on the 3rd mainland bridge scared the shit outta me. I mean what if i got involved in an accident on the bridge and my car dived into the water, WHAT AM I GONNA TELL JESUS? loool…he’ll sentence me to Hell just because of the name of the event i was going.

Moving on, blogging has been an eye opener for me, I have always read blogs for a long time but I don’t comment so I totally understand when people don’t find it convenient to leave their comments, and over the past 4 months that I have started, its been very time demanding and joyful ,l at the same time sad.

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The Spark!

Hello, ladies n gentlemen, i want to appreciate your visits, your retweets, your comments and your subscriptions to my blog, you’re the “bestest”, although i have a lot of requests but lemme bug you with these 2 , first one, please like us on facebook 😀 (Not a big request, rite?) , please and secondly, please feel free to comment, you would not believe how well we’re doing in this journey we started a little while ago, thanks for @funchiq, @ekwem,@kunlexy301, @kemmiiii,@ivorymalinov, @thetoolsman, @sheriphskills, a lot of people to mention a few, if u aint mentioned thats because am trying to write this blog while my boss is looking at my screen…lollllz… but all in all, thanks to everyone who dropped a comment and shared my blog, and also tell me what you think about our new design, i think its fresh and more fun, lemme know your thought, thanks 🙂

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