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@JosephEParker on virginity

Good morning folks,

Ladies and gentleman, its inspirational tuesday. Enjoy  @JosephEParker’s pilot post



The kiss is more explosive than you had envisioned. Hearts racing as she makes inaudible pleasurable uhmms and ahhhs. Excitement oozes like myrrh across the dimly lit room. You look into her eyes, so pure and enchanting. You look into them for signs, a little nudging to proceed with the passion. They tell nothing, but she leaves her slim hands across your back, pressing you further into her.

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How to know she wants the D!

Hello Folks, here is the post i tweeted about yesterday, it isnt exactly 18+ as it is, it was written by a guest blogger who wants to remain anonymous…looool

Feel free to let you mind wonder who she is, a clue to her identity is that she is a popular blogger… 😀

I hope you enjoy it.


I’ve always been considering a career as an agony Aunt. Probably in the Dear Aunty Titi section of Sunday Punch. You know, churn out advice; give out tips and all… This is me testing the waters.

Also, teaching you confused and clueless guys how to know if she wants it!

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Hello everyone, we’re back from the break we gave ourselves, apparently we enjoyed the break more than we thought we would and decided to take the rest of the week off..looool
I know you will understand, blogging is fun but definitely not easy especially when we’ve promised to put up at least 2 posts a week, not easy work, but it’s alright. We love it.

Before I move on, the M.I and Terry G saga, I know its stale gist but it’s now I want to say my own :P.

I think Terry G took the issue too far, I mean the short black dude was only asking a very harmless question, why won’t Terry G see it as that, I mean has D’banj ever insulted anyone who asked the meaning of ‘The Koko’?  Okay, let me just say it, am a big M.I fan #teamMI.

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Make-up Sex

Hello Everyone, hope your weekend was good, and what do you think of the HEADIES award,its request time for me again, incase you haven’t liked my page on Facebook, please help a brother out. Click here to like it. 😀

I wanted to go to the HEADIES but the whole broadcast of Posters falling from the streetlight poles on the 3rd mainland bridge scared the shit outta me. I mean what if i got involved in an accident on the bridge and my car dived into the water, WHAT AM I GONNA TELL JESUS? loool…he’ll sentence me to Hell just because of the name of the event i was going.

Moving on, blogging has been an eye opener for me, I have always read blogs for a long time but I don’t comment so I totally understand when people don’t find it convenient to leave their comments, and over the past 4 months that I have started, its been very time demanding and joyful ,l at the same time sad.

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The Walk of Shame

Morning people, hope your weekend was fun and fulfilling? Well it’s a Monday, and you need to get back on the horse of school or work, or even both, depends on which applies to you. This is another week in October and we’re speedily getting to the end of the month, it seems to me like the days are speeding like 200km/hr because when I was younger, days were longer, I mean, they were was really  slow but these days, everything just moves so fast 😦 .

December is approaching again with its usual wahala, gift shopping, Christmas spending and all, let me not bore you with my predicaments for the end of the year, folks like me will understand tho.

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SEX! : GF vs Parole

Okay girls, please calm down, let me let you in on a little secret, for the fact that we’re sleeping with that babe you’ve been suspecting on our phone or that babe you cant find her chat on our bbm but u’ve seen some of her nudes on our phone which we were carelessly enough not to hide.

We don’t love you any less and please we aint leaving you for her, it doesn’t matter how much she fucks well, there is something about you that just makes us wanna stay with ur ass( pardon my french).

I hope thats pretty much cleared up, in case you’re still stressed up on it, improve your sexy prowess, but we “almost” love you completely, notice the keyword, almost. I always like to use almost because as guys we always have a little reservation about almost everything, there is just these crazy standards in our heads that we’ve set, we can bypass it sha, most times we do.

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