DS Series : Aunty Parole

Hello People, how are you, hope y’all doing great, thanks for the likes on facebooks, the Retweets, the comments, the visits, all in all, thanks for everything.

Before i dive into today’s main story, as usual i have been begging for favors, firstly to like us on facebook here is the link (http://www.facebook.com/deolububbles), thank you and also i  really appreciate your feedback, so all ur comments are wanted scratch that, your comments are required, thanks a bunch.

Something is coming up on the 27th, watch out for it, its something special, a mini-reward system for you fantastic people, muahhh muahhh. This DS Series as i have said earlier on garner a lot of hits, its unbelievable,  in a bit of not wanting to sound like @ekwem, some people visit my site at nite cos when i check the stat before going to bed and in the morning, there is always a huge surge in the hit with a minimum of 30-50, hmmm naughty people, but its all good, me likey, you know that feeling you get when some babe you shagged earlier on calls you, i got 2 of those calls this week, and just happy with myself, couldn’t stop grinning, lollllz, am just excited already, another match and this time around, no need for the initial bullshit, we can help each other undress and move onto where we’re here :D.

For the most part of my life until recently, my recently is like 6-7 weeks ago, most of the choices, av been involved in av always been older than me with like 3-5 years even 7 years sef, at a point earlier than dis, i already had a “football age”, i know you’re wondering why would you give a false age, but people, from experience, personal experience that is, ladies most of the time don’t wanna hear the truth, believe it or not, there happens to be this aunty that i really liked and i came out with my real age, she took off, since then av had it official to add 2-3 years extra to my age depending on the age of the girl, as a simple rule, i will always use a lady’s age to give myself the age she would like , but my age has never been up to 30 sha, call me whatever you like :P, it helps me live better when they see me older than they’re and don’t worry my carriage helps me convince them, in other words, i look the age i give them. 🙂

Ok, today’s parole story is from one of those babes that i spoke about earlier on, she’s older and of course i lied to her, she’s also a bbm kinda contact, ok, let me explain how i came in contact with this babe, i have a friend from Facebook, a girl tho, we chat a lot on Facebook, we both got blackberries and we exchanged pins and we moved our chats from facebook to bbm, we shared a lot of pictures, even dirty pictures, i knew all her secrets or so i thought, pu**sy picture, boobs pics, i sent her my own too sha, but we weren’t gingered to shag when we saw, there wasn’t that “Spark“, we continued our gists, she always asked for advice, she was into aristo and all that, i usually advised her and all so to an extent we were cool, she put up a chic’s pic on her dp, and i asked her what the person’s name is, she told me, i asked for her pin, she asked the owner if its cool to gimme and then she accepted, we started chatting, she was kinda fun, she was tall, big not so big sha, lemme see who i can compare her with, hmmm, lets say a @TooloZ, but the hips isn’t as big as tools own o, but taller sha and darker, we exchanged pictures later to dirty pictures, to naughty pictures :),  i enjoyed her dirty pictures cos they were very enticing, i was always wondering why she wasn’t married, i saw her a few times at her house in Opebi, she had a good job, decent car and all that, she had this unserious boyfriend(at least that’s what she told me…who knows if she’s just interested in shagging other than her bf ….lolllz).

I left work early some days later to see her and i wasn’t disappointed, i liked girls been lepa bt this is a nice compromise, she looked so hot, while she saw me off to my car, i let my hand side down to her ass and it was soft, my dick was standing like steel, Boy!!!, next thing was to get her to my house, i tried to get her to come to my house but different excuses, left work late, am busy, my friends wedding this saturday, on sunday i gotta make my hair, all sort but i kept holding on to the hope that one day, she will come and ofcourse, she did, we finally settled for a saturday after a party, i was supposed to pick her from a party at Oniru,she came to a friends bash at oniru, she explained she came in a friend’s car that’s why i have to come pick her up, but by the time i called her by 10pm, she said she was heading to my area,so i sent her my street number and street name, cos she knows my area very well.

She arrives a few mins after 11, and called me she’s in my street, okay, i was almost sleeping, so, i put on a t-shirt and put on my jeans, she’s down the road, had to go to where her car was, it isn’t too far, she steps out of the Camry, in skimpy things, i felt a nudge at my member, the Lord is good, i said to myself, My ministry is moving to the permanent site tonite…lollllz.. she was kinda(not really) drunk but more of tipsy, i walked her to my house and immediately to my bedroom, she dived into the bed managing only to remove her shoes, she’s wearing a skimpy gown so, for all i know, i can work with that, she wanted to start small talk but the tipsiness couldn’t  let her, so i laid on her and moved in with a kiss, she has this soft body, the lips were  so sweet and delicious, however i could smell cigarette in her breath, okay, features of a bad girl, saw a tattoo on her upper left arm, i was going hmmm in my mind, anyway, rubbing my hands all over her body, running my hands into her brazilian hair, lemme digress a little bit, there is always something a lot more interesting about a chic romantically when she’s drunk, they tend to be more involved than ever.

Am running my hands into her hair, it’s getting tense, i unzipped her short gown from the back, took off my trouser and shirt, left only with my boxers, pull her up to take off her gown only to leave her with g-string and bra, there wasn’t much time to spare, so I told her to pose and i took that picture but i cant show it here due to copyright issues, but its a beautiful sight, i took her to the wall close to the bed, pressed her against the wall, kissing lightly, i run my hands over her ass, pressing it into my groins, av had little to do with the boobs cos the ass is getting all the attention, so, i stop kissing to concentrate on boobs, i took down the 2 straps with my hands down her hands, put my hands into the cups of the bra, it feels warm here, and her boobs are a handful, i ran my tongue to trace out the boobs on her chest then use the tip of my tongue to trace out the areola, meanwhile, i took my other finger into her pussy, running my fingers over her pussy lips, softly, making her moan, her legs start to shake,took off her bra in between working her areola with the tip of my tongue, as her leg begin to shake uncontrollably, i take her to the bed,spread her leg, i continue working her pussy lips and rub her left nipple in-between my fingers, i go for an intense kiss, she’s already wet down there, still working her pussy lips and teasing the pleasure button, clit, i moved my lips from her lips to her right boob, using the tip of my tongue to rub her nipples back and forth making her tickle my ear lobes, turning me ridiculously on, she’s moaning softly while am i stand up to get my condom (in other to avoid stories that touch, she’s an aunty and before i become a baby daddy or get married which will lead me to revealing more of my secrets, i used a condom, lollllz) putting on my condom now has become something very fast and seamless for me, she was ready, i could see from the look in her eye, she was ready for penetration, I pulled her to the foot of the bed, and made her lay in a foetus position with me at the back, you need to see how big her ass was when she folded her body like this, her pussy lips were so big, i put in my dick and it felt like the same size, the main reason i used this style is to make sure that my dick would not seem small in her pussy cos from what am seeing she is quite experienced in sex things and have longer year of experience and might have a larger pussy, this way, my dick would still work well, this position would make her pussy tighter. When my dick eased in, i felt relieved, that for one, my dick aint so small, and she had a tattoo on her hips, she had some chinese wording or so am seeing, i started with soft strokes, placing my hands on her hips as balance, she held my ass from behind to press it in further o, am like okay……..this is interesting, i increased the tempo of my strokes, she increased her moaning while trying to massage my balls with no luck due to the intensity of my strokes, i made 3 deep(as in deep) strokes and then she lets out a SHIT!!! scream, opens her eyes, and wiggles her tongue just outside her mouth, at first i was wondering what the heck she was doing, well i went back to my fast strokes, i was really enjoying my fast strokes, i got so good that i removed my hand from her hips and started exercising my waist, moving back and forth, it was awesome, naughty aunty, we went on it for a while.

I decided to change style, this time around, still not so sure how wide her pussy will be, i made her lay on her back, pulled her legs over her chest, this aunty isn’t complaining o, she must like sporty sex, drove my dick in and it still felt tight enough, did few slow strokes and proceeded to fast strokes, am here doing press-up remix with my hands firm on the ground at her side, my strokes were getting fast really fast, she was moaning loudly, i don’t want my neighbors looking at me weirdly in the morning, so, i put my hand over her mouth and continue my strokes, i remembered my deep thrust and what effect it had on her and gave her a few more of that, and i could feel her screaming but my hand was over her mouth which drowned her voice but her eyes were bulging, i stopped and did that a few times, a babe once told me sex is a mixture of pain and pleasure, good one, that’s the reason for the deep thrust, as soon as my alarm for cum was blinking, i took it out of her pussy and took off the condom and straddled her, took my dick to her mouth, she was holding my dick, massaging it, using the tip of her tongue on tip of my dick, this sent me jerking, i held her head while she did this, she would suck on it, pushing my dick down her throat, take it out, rubbing the tip, my cum was coming fast, i started jerking uncontrollable, took it out of her mouth and poured my cum on her nipples, moaning and panting, she was just there smiling, we both cleaned up and proceeded to sleep naked,oh yea, this was a good fix. At about 4:30 i woke her up, there is nothing like early morning sex, ask married folks 🙂 lolllz, she was laying on her side, so i started rubbing her boobs, teasing her nipples, twisting her nipples, she comes back to life and with some kind of strength, she climbs me….am surprised but happy at the same time, she told me, this time its my turn, she starts kissing me, we’re both naked, i seriously wanted to work those boobs with her on top of me but my best bet was her ass, there were so big, i pinched them softly, she told me to stop but i continued and she stopped and sat straight on me instead of leaning as she was doing earlier on, all her weight was on my groins which was kinda heavy :(, so i told her i would stop and then she leaned forward again trying to rub her pussy lips against my dick, pleasuring herself,was enjoying the view and then for some reason, my dick went in, immediately it went in she just let her hand fall and lay on my chest and moaned softly, so i started pumping softly from underneath her and then she was also grinding against me and meeting my strokes midway, i was slowly fucking her on top of me and then she leaned up a bit and proceeded to ride me, and she closed her eyes, chin up to the ceiling and working her onion booty on my dick, i was in pleasure, i loved it, it was more fun, i couldn’t believe this, she was  a pro as i expected, i was watching how her boobs were splashing against her chest as her rhythm was getting faster and faster, she was going really fast and moaning faster and then stopped and got down, she came….cool! i hadn’t come yet so, i told her to lay down, spread her legs as far as they could go and positioned in between her legs more like my dick from the top, i began pumping her, she closed her eyes and used one hand to twist her nipples herself, i was riding to heaven when i got the memo from my brain, so i withdrew from her and pumped her pubic hair with my semen, and we went to clean up, she slept off into the sunday morning. wow

In the morning when i was about to get something from my car, i saw my neighbors going to church, i greeted them as usual but then my neighbour’s wife had this extended smile and grin on her at the same time,definitely she must have heard what went down last nite, i moved on cos i don’t do married women, at least i haven’t broken dat rule yet, when i got in she was wearing one of my t-shirts in the kitchen, checking my cabinets, the t-shirt stopped right in the middle of her ass.

17 responses to “DS Series : Aunty Parole”

  1. cecenostockings says :

    Hian!!! Is this really real? O_O

  2. 'Deolu Bubbles says :

    yes o, is there anything out of place there, i know people who have worse parole stories than mine……i can assure you of that!

  3. misunderstoodsmind says :

    is this where it ends???lol….

  4. Ekwe says :

    choi!!! see grove! O.o!!

  5. ibetapassmynebo says :

    Nna mehn….only “ass” “ass”…d moral of ds story is dat u like big bumbum

  6. 'Deolu Bubbles says :

    @ibetapassmynebo : am a boobs guy, but i love a great ass, this one was shapey and spectacular, no blame me

    @misunderstoodsmind : ofcourse, another round as we no fit go church that day

  7. funchiq says :

    u ma guy no de dull, i wish all the men in my life had half your knowledge, i would def be a hole lot happier.

  8. Lagos Hunter (@Lagoshunter) says :

    Deolu, I always thought you were female…..or am I issing something.

    Not quite an enjoyable story.
    Too long, too much ‘short hand’ and too much detail.
    If you want to keep this as a series, I think you’d have to be more concise in your writing style because there is only so much one can write about sex over and over again…..

  9. 'Deolu Bubbles says :

    @LagosHunter : thank you, would try to be more concise, tnx(short hand again) again! lol

  10. @bossikeh says :

    Deolu, i have tried all morning to avoid reading this in my office,*in breezys voice* “look @ me now” , how do i explain this unnecessary salute my soldier is doing? i have shouted “at ease” & “as you were” but this soldier’s insubordination is challenging my authority (like i have any over it). Nice post sha.
    P.S: As a #teamboobs Sec Gen we should have some kind of esoteric code for greeting.

  11. Immortal TeddyBear says :

    Same thots as Lagos Hunter

    Sex stories r a lot shorter else u tend to bore d reader.apart from that wow…u must hav rily enjoyed o.


  12. kunlexy301 says :

    Badt guy..u shud b acting porn

  13. aot2 says :

    Awon eleyi bad gan

  14. MsBukonla says :

    Your writing is perfect to me. I’m here for d lectures on pleasuring, not to rate your writing style. I don’t see this as porn, I see it as describing your moments.
    Deolu, if it’s shorthand or lexicon, keep feeding me. So u sef now see that Orobo is indeed sweeter than lepa. #IRepTeamBigBooty

  15. Collins says :

    Stumbled upon this blog after my sexual encounter with my woman and my experience with Guinness extra stout.researchig why Guinees is such a great sexual enhanced, I decided to go for Guinness and men I built a Permenant site on that land, now she wants more@ deolu nice write up man. Your ogidiga post is a hit love it

  16. James says :

    That was fun. Let me just relate my experience. I recently relocated from Delta State to PH and was staying alone. There is this young teen whose name is Clara staying with her sister who is marriede with 2 kids though they were still staying in one room. I really like this girl just that she is still very young about 15yrs. Their room was next to mine and their kitchen cupboard was placed in between the entrances to two rooms. Each time Clara is washing her clothes she will sit right in front of my room with her legs spread out to give me a perfect view. When i ask her to come into my room she will say no. One day she gave me a film to watch but to my surprise it was an adult film. One day as she was washing dishes outside facing my room looking and smilingi at me I brought out my rod and started stroking it. She was shocked at its sight. Unaware to others she dashed into my room and I grabbed her big breast and we started a “quickie”. I fingered her wet pussy but guess what she was still a virgin very tight and got. I plunge my OMEGA 4 into that cork waiting pussy after lubricating it with vaseline. She moane loudly that attracted others outside. I began fucking her like a mad dog no heat. She started to moan and saying fuck me hard I did not even mind the blood coming out. The lady at my back gently tapped the door separating our rooms to say take it easy but be prepared to teach me such lesson tonight. I fuck the girl till we got exhausted. After everything she cleaned her destroyed pussy and zap out

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