Photo of the week 4

We would like you to give caption to the picture above, we’re looking for the most creative caption/title to this image, you can relate it to whatever connects to you.

Drop your title/caption with a conviction and your twitter handle in the comment box. More importantly, what you can see in her eyes.

At the end of the week, on friday by 5pm, we will announce the winner, we will be giving airtime worth N1,000 to the winner.

@Mister_Adonis  was the winner of last week.

The picture was supplied to us by @JibolaL.

If you have any picture you would like us to feature here, please send it to

Thank you for visiting 🙂


4 responses to “Photo of the week 4”

  1. skilobo says :

    Eze goes to school….LOL
    on a more serious note though “Pathway to Success”…..No?

  2. StevanteB says :

    ”Even the walls are crying” the little boy looks starved,so duz the environment

  3. Mz_Shadee says :

    Without fear/ fearless

    Looking at this pic, I am reminded about the part of the bible that says ‘ye tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of dead, I fear no evil’.

    The little boy is walking with an air of confidence in a lonely area, empty road, and closed shops and he doesn’t look an inch scared. Considering he didn’t even look back when the pic was taken means he is completely fearless even thought naturally he should be 😀

  4. yemijohnson says :


    despite the conditions of things, only one thing is paramount to me and the rest comes with my goal of getting an education, so do all you have to do to me, take pictures and mock me. My prize is mine to claim, so i will shun you now.

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