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How to know she wants the D!

Hello Folks, here is the post i tweeted about yesterday, it isnt exactly 18+ as it is, it was written by a guest blogger who wants to remain anonymous…looool

Feel free to let you mind wonder who she is, a clue to her identity is that she is a popular blogger… 😀

I hope you enjoy it.


I’ve always been considering a career as an agony Aunt. Probably in the Dear Aunty Titi section of Sunday Punch. You know, churn out advice; give out tips and all… This is me testing the waters.

Also, teaching you confused and clueless guys how to know if she wants it!

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Hello People, how are you, how was your sallah break, i eventually had my sallah rice tuesday evening, there is just this thing about party rice, it tastes different and very nice, however thanks to everyone who read and commented on Mumu Button, funny thing happens when you’re in love right? 🙂

Before i go into today’s post, i’m happy to tell you that from this friday, a new section will be launched, its called 17 Awosika, dont ask me how i got the name,lolllz.Let me tell you what its about, the documentation of the lives of the people who live in this detached house, new house in ikeja, a duplex and a BQ, it entails 2 couples and 1 bachelor,the couples stay in the flat in front while the bachelor stays at the BQ. its about their secrets that always finds it way into the bachelor’s hands, their activities,their interactions, i promise you, it would be worth your time, thank you.

17 Awosika is purely fictional, any semblance with real life is simply coincidental.

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How u no go sabi kiss ?

I have heard babes talk about how some guys don’t know how to kiss. And these guys they were talking about aint your regular small boys oh! I’m talking of big boys with cool rides, choice apartment and loads of cash. I have heard a girl say, “He was kissing me like he wanted to chew my lips!”. Aint nothing as bad as that, dude, I can assure you.

I don’t think anyone can over-emphasize the importance of this. It’s so sad that some guys don’t know to kiss. This can make or mar a date, a relationship, a marriage (e no even fit reach marriage, lailai).

Most times, after charming a babe and all that, the next thing is usually to kiss the babe. You need to prepare yourself. I no wan know how much the babe likes you, forget that thing, if your mouth stinks, she will never kiss you again. Women are that picky. Even some guys sef no go talk to you if your mouth dey smell like soak-away wey dey leak, I’m telling you.

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