17 Awosika: Episode 3

Saturday mornings were always the laziest mornings for Kemi. She wakes up late, farfs around the house for another 30 minutes, and then takes a light bath and heads to the gym, 2 streets away.
Martins was still sleeping like no man’s business; they had a TGIF party in their office the night before, and even concluded it at Rehab. Kemi stared at him wondering why he didn’t invite her for the party because it’s a tradition to invite someone for the TGIF especially the last one for the month. It was usually grand, and you could bring a guest. It’s all about fun, eating, drinking, socializing and much more, but for some strange reason, Martins didn’t tell Kemi about this one. She wasn’t exactly mad at him until now, that his snoring from what seemed to have been a very fun night for him was starting to irritate her.
Kemi put on her gym clothes, a silky 3-quarter short and a sports singlet with sports bra underneath , with her black Nike running shoes, she sat at the tip of the bed, tapped him a little on the lap and says “Martin, am off to the gym, should be back in hour or so, I will lock the door with my key from outside”. Martin managed to raise his hand to signal that he had heard her while changing his sleeping position, lying on his belly while covering his head with the pillow. Kemi smiled and shook her head as she walked away.
Getting out of the house and moving towards the gate, she saw BK cleaning his car foot mat, trying to guess why he was scrubbing tirelessly, she says to herself “It must be those girls he keeps carrying that puked in his car, may God be with this boy, he’s a chronic womanizer”.
BK noticed a movement behind him, because the way the house was built, everyone parked in front of the main house, in 2 rows with BK’s car in front so he doesn’t disturb people who have to leave for work early in the morning.
BK said to himself, “This Kemi babe set sha, Martins dey try o; so bank go come send me this kind babe, make e come market to me, I go give am all my money….” laughing to himself.
He then sneaks a greeting at her, “Kemi, Good morning, how is Martins? Don’t look at those boys with the huge biceps there o”! laughing,
Kemi replied “Morning BK, Martins is still sleeping, they had a party last night at their office, so he’s still sleeping, but don’t worry, I wont be looking at those guys with the biceps, I have found the bone of my bone from whose rib I was taken out from.  “
BK replied “Me sef go fall in love and marry one day o. I was at his office yesterday, it was kind of a big party and I have clients there, you know my phone business na, I sell to some of the lawyers there. They asked me to come for my money yesterday and by the time I got there, there was this party, and so I went with the flow, we later went to Rehab”
Kemi replied “So, BK, you were also there and Martins’ wife, Moi  wasn’t there? we will talk more about this, I need to hit the gym now, my aerobics instructor is way too time conscious for my liking, not taking into consideration that this is the weekend. See you later”
Kemi stepped out of the gate to find Umar, the gateman with 2 of his bike driving friends gisting, he said in his Hausa accent,
“Good morning ma” Kemi replied
“Umar, how you dey na? How all those your wives na?”
Umar replied “Madam, am fine o, I no get am for wife o, no money na. Yoruba and igbo girls too like money”.
Kemi laughed and proceeded to the gym on foot.
Getting to the gym, Kemi found out that most of her fellow aerobics people were not around, so she proceeded to the treadmill, started with a walk and then after a light jog, increased the tempo.
Most of the people who came into the gym always steal a glance at the “hottie” on the treadmill. The aerobics instructor then moved towards her direction and informed her that the aerobics classes were about to start, Kemi slowed down the treadmill until it finally came to a halt.
She proceeded to the aerobics classes and shared a few greetings here and there with almost everyone in the class, the class started with a usual fast beat song and with the usual 123 , 321, motioning them to push their thighs almost to touch their chest before putting it down.
They were exercising to Barbra Streisand by Duck Sauce; Kemi almost running out of breath wondered why she had worked with the treadmill when this aerobics thing itself was quite strenuous.
They stopped with the thigh/chest exercise and proceeded to the waist exercise, then the instructor asked them to put their hands on their waist twisting 5 times to the left and another 5 times to the right.
Done with aerobics Kemi proceeded to walk back home. she was just about hitting Awosika street, when a car started honking at her consistently; her initial thought was to ignore but the honking was getting very annoying, she looked back to see a red 2010 Toyota Avalon, she tried to look at who the driver was but the glass was tinted, the driver opened the door and out came Uzor.
Kemi didn’t know how exactly to react either to be happy or surprised, what was he doing in her neighbourhood? he hurried off to meet her where she stood;
“Hi Kemi, good morning,” Kemi replied “Morning Uzor, what brings you doing here”?
Uzor replied “My Aunt stays on the street right before Awosika here, I’m here to drop my mother with her, she just came in from Abuja, first flight”.
Kemi replied “Alright, how was her flight, and how is your sister”?
Uzor replied “Her flight was okay, she’s coming in from Abuja, from my brother’s house. My aunt has been staying here for over 3 years now though. Anyway, I should start making my way back home now”
Kemi wondered to herself when they got so comfortable to the extent of family talk, they had only met once afterall.
Uzor then asked her “Do you stay around here too?”
Kemi replied “oh yes, I stay at number 17. My husband is at home; would you like to meet him?”
Uzor replied incoherently “Yes, why not”?
Kemi and Uzor got into the car, and Kemi directed him to her house.
When they entered into the gate, they found BK, Nnamdi and Martins gisting about how Barcelona was so invincible at the moment.
BK boasts “The most annoying thing about this case is that people say Barcelona and Arsenal play the same pattern, but you people forget that barcelona plays a lot better, Arsenal is the easiest team that Barcelona can encounter in the EPL”
Martins replied “I agree with BK, it’s only Chelsea that can give Barcelona a run for their money in England”
Nnamdi refused, “We were cheated in the last match, Van Persie didn’t deserve that red card, and moreover Fabregas is a sellout, crazy idiot!”
Kemi and Uzor walk towards the arguing bunch she introduced Uzor to her other tenants starting from martin.
This is my husband,Martins, he’s a lawyer ***uzor gives martins a strong handshake**
This is BK, my neighbour at the BQ **Uzor shakes BK**
This is Nnamdi, my neighbour upstairs, he’s an investment banker **shakes Nnamdi**
Everyone meet Uzor, he’s my customer at the bank, we just bumped into each other up street, Uzor started  to feel uneasy and then said “Thank you all, its a pleasure meeting you all, but I really need to be on my way”, but BK replied “Uzor, what’s the rush now? What club do you support? “
Uzor replied “Am a Man Utd person, but I really need to leave now, am already late for an appointment”.
They all said goodbye to Uzor in unison, while Martins and Kemi saw him off to his car just outside their gate, Uzor reversed his car and zoomed off.
Martins asked, “How was the Gym today, hope the aerobics instructor is off flirting with you”?
Kemi laughed it off saying “Gym was good today but I think I overstretched myself on the treadmill, I’m having waist pains now, and to answer your question, he was never flirting with me, I was the one admiring his perfectly trimmed buttocks”
Martins started running after Kemi in the compound, screaming for her to leave the house, screaming “I want my dowry back o, thank God it isn’t too far, I will take 70% of my dowry back”
Nnamdi and BK laughed hysterically at the young couple, Vivian screamed from the kitchen upstairs that she’s in with martins; she said “Martins, my junior sister just came back from the U.K, she works with SBJ, and we will be willing to take 50% of the 70% of Kemi’s dowry refund”.
Kemi replied “We Yoruba’s don’t accept dowry moreover, my father doesn’t allow divorce”
Rita and Ify continued running behind Martins as he chases Kemi around the cars, Martins got exhausted after a short while trying to breath, Martins was running out of air.
Nnamdi called Rita & Ify that they needed to stop running now. While Vivian called them all that breakfast was ready, Nnamdi invited everyone for breakfast. BK in his usual behavior asked what they’re having for breakfast; Vivian replied from the kitchen window “Jollof rice”.
BK moves swiftly to the staircase as soon as he heard Jollof Rice, Martins approached Nnamdi and said in low tones “I would have loved to say no but” he increased his voice in other for everyone in the compound to hear “my dear wife has refused to cook for me this Saturday morning and instead chose to run off to a gym, and brought home Boris Kidjoe to introduce as her customer”.
Nnamdi smiled while shaking his head, everyone joined Nnamdi & Vivian for Saturday morning breakfast, all the while at the table, Martins couldn’t get his mind off Uzor…..
Its Tuesday morning, BK had a delivery of 5 Blackberry Bold 4’s to some ministry worker at Alausa, to himself BK said, all this ministry workers and their young girlfriends sha, which one be my own?
But as soon he delivered the phones, they asked for a receipt, because they wanted to log into the ministry account and he needs to present a receipt for the purchase. He rushed to the car, but found out he had already exhausted the one in his car, and since he lived in Opebi , he decided to make a dash home because he needed the money for another transaction later on today…..
On arriving home, he honked at the gate thrice at first, no reply, he looked at his AP wrist watch, he remembered how he blackmailed his father to collect the watch; it was 11:30 in the morning, where would Umar be?
Or had he gone to drive his friend’s bike to make extra cash?
All other thoughts came to BK’s head but after waiting impatiently for a while, he got out of the car, opened the small gate found  it unlocked, the house was deserted as usual, and headed towards Umar’s room close to the fence, something the landlord just created.
A one room apartment with bathroom.
As he approached the door, he could hear a woman’s moan but faintly, he moved towards the door and opened the door, unfortunately, Umar’s door wasn’t locked, BK opened to find Umar stark naked pumping into Eno without any care in the world, Umar spread Eno’s legs apart and pumped her from the center, Eno was nude, her boobs were small but were looking turgid and perky , very rounded, her nipples were standing like the number 1.
BK screamed “Umar!!! At least lock the door, my goodness”
He proceeded to the BQ, rushed into the bedroom, picked up a new receipt booklet and headed back to Alausa. Luckily for him, the client was still around because with Ministry workers, one can only pray and hope, that they will still be there after 1 hour of them resuming work, but thanks for Fashola , they were now being punished and held accountable, no more snail speed work at the ministry.
BK couldn’t just stop thinking about that sight of Umar and Eno, Umar pumping into Eno like was no man’s business, wow! But that Umar dick sef wey be like baby hand sha; he nearly bashed a NAPEP driver, they both hurled insults at each other and everyone proceeded their own ways.
BK was given a bank PHB cheque,so he went to the next available branch to cash it; he had account with almost every bank in the country for easily clearing of the cheques. BK was happy because his cheque would soon clear and he could run off to the island to buy his treadmill, he made a resolution to look like Will Smith very soon, a treadmill will be the start of his new look initiative; plus he needed to practice his jogging so he could impress that Susan babe at Unilag on Saturday.
Having a conversation with a lady wasn’t a big deal but having that conversation while jogging was.
BK met Susan roughly 6 weeks ago when he and Niran went on jogging, otherwise known as Unilag babe scouting. Susan was a chic in every word of it, cream looking babe, spoke well, had this perfectly curved ass, her hips were to die for and her boobs looked handful. BK made sure he wore tight briefs underneath his jogging pants anytime he went to Unilag sports center; BK hit it off with her underneath the Sports center where she went to buy a Lucozade Sports Drink,
He started the conversation with
“Hello I’m sorry
to bother you but are you training for any competition”
Susan smiled “That line is kind of old, no competition, I just want to continue to look like this, I love to eat a lot you see, but I really shouldn’t be telling you that”
They both laughed.
BK replied “Yes, you’re right, that definitely isn’t first date talk, but it’s alright. My name is Bukunmi but most people call me BK and I would appreciate it if you also called me BK “
Susan replied “Ok, BK, my name is Susan, are you a student here?”
Bk replied “Me, a student? No way, do I look that young”
Susan replied “Am sorry, Bukunmi, wow, I’m making so many mistakes, please let me rephrase”
BK replied “Please, go ahead”
She said, “I never said you were a student, BK, I just asked”
BK replied “No worries, was just pulling your legs. Of course not, I’m done with school, I’m a contractor, you?”
Susan replied “Cool, what kind of contractor, like Jason Stratham in The Mechanic?”
BK replied “Of course not, but if I tell you, I would have to kill you..James Bond style”
They both laughed.
BK replied “I am into supplies, I buy and sell stuffs but not clothes, I sell laptops, phones and electronics, not the kind of job you like right”?
Susan replied “Who told you that I don’t like that kind of job, I approve of it more than anything, because you’re a small business owner and, remember none of those guys on the world’s richest list  work for anyone, so you might be on your way to that list”
BK spoke to himself, mehn Igbo chic’s n
o dey disappoint me jare, but she looks very intelligent, nothing turns me on more than a smart hottie.
Susan excused herself “BK, I need to run now, I need to get back to work now, hope we can catch up soon”
BK replied “But you haven’t told me what you do at all, it’s been all about me. So tell me what you do”?
Susan replied “I’m a Doctor. We will catch up soon, have a good day”
BK was speechless, such a cute doctor, wow! He managed to say goodbye, he was dumbfounded, he thought of how stupid he was not asking for her number but then again he thought there was no need rushing this moreover, this kind of babes will find it rather basic of me asking of her phone number, the usual norm, I need to prove to her that am different.
BK watched as she drove away, giving him a light smile as she drove off.
BK knew buying this treadmill, it would give him the chance to show her that he was also quite energetic so he could impress her; but Umar is a motherfucker sha, the scene couldn’t leave his memory, he planned to question Umar when he got home.
But that Enoh’s body wasn’t looking like a maid’s body especially her boobs….simply wow….
Martins and Kemi drove into the compound to park right behind BK, and martins opened the boot of the car to bring out a NIKE bag, he pulled it out with his laptop bag and proceeded to their flat. Kemi was still wondering what was in the bag, she didn’t want to ask Martins as she was confident he will not disclose; so as Martins disappeared into the bathroom, she went into the kitchen to prepare a little dinner, and as soon as she heard him having his bath, she rushed into the bedroom to check for the bag, but couldn’t find the NIKE bag, she checked everywhere still she couldn’t find it.
She checked underneath the bed and found an unusual black nylon bag and pulled it out and found the NIKE bag inside the black nylon bag.
Kemi laughed to herself knowing the kind of husband she had, he should have looked for a career in the Secret Services rather than Law. She opened the bag to find jogging clothes with a box of NIKE running shoes.
Kemi laughed hard as Martins came out of the bathroom and found her with the package and also started laughing and said “Now, we will jog together and I have paid for another gym somewhere else”….
5:00am , Kemi receives a text message saying “The money is ready and its N25M this time around, if you do as we say, all will be fine, we’ve kept our part of the bargain, its time for you to do your part, will send you further instructions later on today, its strongly recommended you delete after reading”
She completely understood the text and who its from.
Kemi immediately deletes the text, wakes Martins up for morning devotion, wondering when this blackmail will be over.

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  1. Mayowa Ajasalot says :

    Very interesting, fact is, I thought I was watching a movie. I missed d previous episodes though…… Looking forward to d next episode…

  2. terdoh says :

    Na wa…

  3. Kunlexy301 says :

    its just like watchin a movie mehn i’v missed dis series but ‘an smart hottie’ i tot we r done wit errors nd wat happen to agent …… of S.S.S special ops i hope it wil b in d next episode

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