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Badt Sharp Guys

Hello everyone, I keep thanking people for coming to my blog right? Yes, because it doesn’t cost you anything not to come, and just go over to other interesting blogs, and as for the comments, I always appreciate them. Thanks very much.

Today’s topic was inspired by hmmm, some event I saw some weeks ago, 2 weeks ago actually. Which brings me to the question, who wins at the end of the day? Men or Women? Let me expatiate further , I saw a girl we went to university together, we say hi to each other but we aren’t really close friends like that.  On to the main issue.  Okay, I saw her with her family, she was driving and her husband was sitting next to her. Now I’m not sure if he was teaching her how to drive, but they looked like they were just coming back from church, with their kid at the back, driving home in peace.

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