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Special Day (18+)

Hello Tweeps, hopefully you had a good weekend, Christmas is sunday………**insert appropriate smiley**

In my own personal opinion, its over-rated 😛 Am definitely not the angry ‘shid’ but it’s just my opinion. I will be away anyway. About last week friday, we couldn’t give out our usual giveaway asides the winner, which was @JibolaL, the problem is people load it without saying anything, a little “Hey Deolu, I loaded the MTN card” will help, we will continue this week anyway. Please just own up. Thanks

Moving on **Clears throat** , have got a guest adult blogger today, female actually. I feel its refreshing to read soft porn from a lady’s point of view. Without further ado, enjoy it


Today was gonna be a special day, I was going out with Kunle…The cute teenager that had a crush on older me. I took my time getting dressed; I was aiming for the killer look.

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How u no go sabi kiss ?

I have heard babes talk about how some guys don’t know how to kiss. And these guys they were talking about aint your regular small boys oh! I’m talking of big boys with cool rides, choice apartment and loads of cash. I have heard a girl say, “He was kissing me like he wanted to chew my lips!”. Aint nothing as bad as that, dude, I can assure you.

I don’t think anyone can over-emphasize the importance of this. It’s so sad that some guys don’t know to kiss. This can make or mar a date, a relationship, a marriage (e no even fit reach marriage, lailai).

Most times, after charming a babe and all that, the next thing is usually to kiss the babe. You need to prepare yourself. I no wan know how much the babe likes you, forget that thing, if your mouth stinks, she will never kiss you again. Women are that picky. Even some guys sef no go talk to you if your mouth dey smell like soak-away wey dey leak, I’m telling you.

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