Getting Comfortable

Hello Everyone, hope you had a wonderful and restful weekend, I saw a lot of twitter folks at the TNC yesterday, everyone was looking dashing, and some like they had  just stepped out of a magazine..looool

The highlight of the event however was when it was time to win the Samsung Galaxy Tab, i was rooting the girl for no damn reason, but the guy won because he pulled down his underwear, meanwhile the girl was in bikini, if the babe had unhooked her bra, she would have won…..looool.

Another eye-popping moment was when Demilade Robert unhooked a bra and took it off completely under a second with his mouth. Demilade, that has to go in the Guinness Book of Records, WHAT THE HECK?????????

It was totally sick, I had fun though, cool crowd , some folks are mad at me that i didn’t walk up to them and introduce myself, but that would ruin the whole idea of been an anonymous blogger, wouldn’t it ?

Moving on, My post today is for the boys, when dealing with chics, there are often a lot of hurdles to cross, the first will be to make contact, the second is scaling the fence.

Its an emotional fence anyway, its that division they create in other not get hurt. This maybe due her past experience or just the way she was wired.

Jumping over this fence could be a lot more tedious, a good sincere conversation can go a long way and also dates, its the second one am interested in for today’s post.

What I mean by scaling the fence is how do you connect with her.

I mean make her feel absolutely comfortable with you that she can divulge any information to you, getting close to her emotionally, for sure at the point where she gives you her number or PIN, she’s interested in you, you can bet that.

So you’ve had a few convos ,  its time for you to take her on a date. I am not talking to the Pros here; I’m hoping to help people who are confused about how to proceed.

In my journey in dealing with ladies, I have learnt to learn by my own mistakes and also share experiences amongst friends, these experiences are what I’m about to share with you.

Anytime or let me say most times, guys always have problems here, where do i take her too, from the days of Fast food to the days of cinemas and all, things have moved on.

The idea is for you to be interesting, if you’re interesting as a guy, you can take her anywhere, when i say anywhere, i mean anywhere, for instance, you can take her to White house or even lagoon front in Unilag where you dont have to spend any cash at all, the most important thing is the game you have in you.

One idea i have for you is the Cinemas, the cinemas no doubt works wonders, ever since i discovered it, i have plugged into this location. The thought of sitting down to relax and allowing the screen help you work its magic is just purely awesome, your choice of movie selection is also key, depending on who she is, but i strongly suggest romantic comedies, it has a bit of everything in it, it will make you laugh, and have those moments where you relate with each other, and then my best part which is the cold temperature of the cinema hall.

The A.C in the cinemas are the most interesting part for me because regardless of how high up her fence is, she will let it down when the cold moves through her body, which then brings in the subject of  cuddling. It’s natural for her to want to cuddle because of the cold in the cinema.

Depending on your degree of a badt guyness, the cuddle might lead to other things i would rather not to say…looool……it can lead to smooching or in other places, fingering…..

Another idea, is for you to take her out clubbing, i know this will involve more money than the first one; you can hardly spend more than 5k at the Cinemas, unless you’re taking her and her friends there, but for clubbing, it’s a lot more fun.

The fun comes in grinding on the dance hall, plus the alcohol in the systems helps bring down the whole fence, and then you can safely walk in and take what you think is yours.

Most of the things i have said are mostly based on the lady, some ladies want to be swept off their feet, and not swept off her feet by raking her leg….looool

They might want to be flattered, you know the whole romantic ish, you call every morning, every night before you sleep, it’s normal for some folks, they want you to be interested in their lives, so you should also be clear about what she wants, to set  P or a relationship.

That’s all the ramblings and mumblings i have for you today, if you have other ideas on how to get comfortable with her, you can write it in the comment box.

Will bring you more ideas as things go on.

Have a wonderful week.

Keep Reppin’

‘Deolu Bubbles

P.S : Happy Birthday to @bule_jr


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20 responses to “Getting Comfortable”

  1. OluwaWanaBaba says :

    LOOL… Ogbeni Cinema is too expensive abeg… Where the money for ticket + pop corn + drink?

    I no do Cinema package o…

  2. ibetapassmynebo says :

    Clubbing kwa? Hian!

  3. weird_oo says :

    Oh you should add that gus shouldn’t use their wealth as a conversation starter. Infact, it shouldn’t even be in any conversation. For me that is. I hate it. Oh and taking me to see a romantic comedy would put me to sleep! Hia! lool

  4. Real001 says :

    One 3d muvee 4 2 ppl is 5k so u hvnt rili helped those of us dt want impressive, inexpensive dates.
    Plus after the muvee she’s gna want dinner. Chocolate royale-type of dinner. *cringe*
    Taxi fare. Hope 2 of u r going back to the same place. (back to skl i.e). Unless u hve a car. Or else ds cud drain u.
    Clubbing? Just two of u? Dt cud go wrong in a myriad of ways… There’s security in numbers abeg
    There are ways to hve great, inexpensive dates but i shan’t divulge. (i dnt noe u ppl.)

    • 'Deolu Bubbles says :

      Divulge na, why are u hoarding information, share it jo! looool by the way if you know you dont have money, why go for a 3D movie?? ehn ?

      You’ve already set yourself up for an expensive date by going to Chocolat Royale dinner and you dont have a car, seems like you’re biting off more than you can chew….looool

      Just a normal regular movie date would do, work with your budget

  5. kunlexy301 says :

    Fastfood runs works fine for me and I’ll like to try cinema runs too buh going clubbing wud chop money

  6. Kemmiiii says :

    Deolu you coulda come to say hi to me at least /:)

  7. Laura says :

    Gosh, fingering in the cinema ? kilode deolu ? How about first date that wont lead to sex ? going to the cinema, means we wont really get the opportunity to talk and get to know each other, n trying to get into my pants on a first date is the last date!!!!

  8. TheManya says :

    You can always take her 2 d beach…….chill 4 a while…MAYBE horseriding…..but DEFINITELY take her on a walk……the sea has powers….;) ……n 4rm der d rest is left 2 u depending on how bad a guy you are…:D. But hey..that’s just me….

    • 'Deolu Bubbles says :

      Where are you, where are you from??? looool
      I thought that only works for white people………

      • TheManya says :

        Don’t dull o!!! 😀

      • @demmylee says :

        This made me LOL! The beach thingy works jor! Wonders sef, especially in the evenings. You get to play with the waves, run around,talk, feel the cool breeze(whch could be cold too esp if she’s skimpily dressed whch is most likely). Even dance sef! Try it!

  9. @demmylee says :

    P.S: If a girl gives you her number or pin could be coz she’s bored, you’ve been pestering her too much, she likes someone close to you or lots of other reasons. Not neccessarily coz she likes you.

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