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One of my favourite things to talk about is men’s fashion. I know it’s really strange, but I am big fan of men’s fashion. Bow ties, cufflinks, Braces, shoes, suits etc

I spend the core of my day with men (shopping with them) and I just can’t get enough of them, some men come up with the most ridiculous combination of attire and some of them know what they want. So I compiled a list of wardrobe staples, every man should own these items.

Classic Blazer:

A blazer is a dressy type jacket worn instead of a suit. The perfect companion for a pair of chinos or jeans for the perfect smart casual invite or dress down Friday at work. Classic blazers come with Gold buttons on the chest and cuffs; gold buttons makes it less boring and more stylish.

White Shirt:

Everyone needs a crisp white shirt, white goes with any colour suit, ties and works for any occasion too. A white shirt needs to stay white, not greyish white or brownish white, pure white!! . In other to achieve this, you can have more than one white shirt in your wardrobe, that way you can alternate and look after them appropriately.

Black shoes: Formal

Shoes are so important and you should own at least a good pair of leather shoes for formal occasions, lace ups preferably as I don’t think loafers do great judgement to a formal outfit. It’s also important to keep it clean and polished at all times

Casual Shoes:  Loafers and driving shoes

Loafers are very trendy at the moment, the slipper type ones with embroidery on the top. An object of affection I’d say, a brown pair is always nice, even though you can get them in different colours such as black. Purple, red, gold etc


A good watch, a good metal cufflinks and a black and brown belt, at least one of each, it’s not alright to wear black belt with brown shoes or vice versa … so cringe worthy lol , as for the watch no need to break the bank there are lots of not so expensive nice watches in the market.


I can’t count how many times I scream in my head in public when I see some men. I can’t get over the fact that men leave their houses wearing oversized jackets, trousers that aren’t long enough or trousers that drag on the floor. It’s quite important that you invest in a good quality, good fitting suit. ill fitting suits or clothing is just bad and leads to social suicide

Lastly I am just going to touch on ties, Ties are very essential in everyday men’s grooming. A tie is a necessity to men’s clothing reflecting the body and spirit of the wearer.

From solid, coloured ties, to striped ties, to more adventurous patterns, ties are now a thing of statements. This season, there are lots of interesting ties out there.

Striped ties should be worn with plain shirts, whilst spotted ties can be worn with striped and or checkered shirts.

Below are a few photos of styles that are trendy this season, remember style is personal, don’t be a fashion victim, define your own style.

Hope you enjoyed it, lets know your thought in the comment box.

Have a good day!


3 responses to “Male Fashion”

  1. aytwin2 says :

    First Post by her – on point!

    This blog keeps looking better and better 🙂

  2. kunlexy301 says :

    Nice one good to see something different

  3. Emmanuel says :

    I have zero knowledge on fashion and am trying to keep up.. Pls can u give me lessons, on d kind of cloths to wear, materials name, lastest fashion names for shirt, jeans, chinos, shoe, wrist watch etc… Am althetic in nature, 6ft tall… Little bit light in complexion

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