SEX! : GF vs Parole

Okay girls, please calm down, let me let you in on a little secret, for the fact that we’re sleeping with that babe you’ve been suspecting on our phone or that babe you cant find her chat on our bbm but u’ve seen some of her nudes on our phone which we were carelessly enough not to hide.

We don’t love you any less and please we aint leaving you for her, it doesn’t matter how much she fucks well, there is something about you that just makes us wanna stay with ur ass( pardon my french).

I hope thats pretty much cleared up, in case you’re still stressed up on it, improve your sexy prowess, but we “almost” love you completely, notice the keyword, almost. I always like to use almost because as guys we always have a little reservation about almost everything, there is just these crazy standards in our heads that we’ve set, we can bypass it sha, most times we do.

Now ladies, this one is for you, when we’re making love to you,i mean this is for those ones who are our babes, there is a lot of rhythm to it, we cuddle, we look into eachother’s eyes, we kiss carefully, start with the lower lip, move to the upper lip, kiss your nose, kiss your forehead, laugh while kissing, hold your face, run our fingers into your hair, all these and many more gestures are left for our babes, we do it while listening to slow songs, these are all classic romantic stuffs, we do a lot of stuffs for you and you alone.

For parole babes, there is only one thing in mind, the sex SHIKENA!, infact, depending on who you’re, some of us are already grabbing her ass as soon as she walks in, while hugging, we’re already pulling down her pants to feel her ass, am telling you, all the fun and hype is the sex, and immediately she comes in, we’re tearing her clothes apart and removing our clothes all in one second, and immediately we’re all naked, guess what we do, this is where we start, we invite her to talk to Mr. Thomas, we invite her to suck our dick, suck it like her life depends on it, no doubt, its a lot crazier than our sex with our girlfriend, she’s the one we come into her mouth, she’s the one that needs to hold the burglary proof to have a solid footing on the ground because of how hard we’re hitting it.

She’s the one that we just put on the condom while “pressing” her boobs harshly against her chest, she’s the one we fold her 2 legs up her chest and hit hardly till she screams and we pray our neighbors dont hear her ,she’s the one we use jelly for when she’s not getting wet yet and we’re hard as steel, we fuck the shit outta those girls, we always want them to call us daddy, you know, the naughty kinda daddy calling. She’s the one that after we finish fucking, we don’t spoon or cuddle or pillow talk with, we just relax, we either switch the tv on , get our fone and tweet or take a shower and we dismiss them off  hurriedly.

Babe, if you’re our babes, we would never treat you like this unless you expressly specify, its more fun for us to do that because the way we met them is quite different from the way we met you, we’re lovey dovey with you, we cuddle, spoon or pillow talk, in as much as we don’t wanna do all of those things, we try our best to do it for you, so don’t be jealous of them.

Do you know what happens to those babes after like 4-5 visits, we dismiss of each other, delete her pictures, remove her from our contact list and come back into your arms, and those treatments with our paroles  are little(some people will argue abt the little) harsh and we love you more not to want to hurt you, you don’t want us to “donkeypunch” you! Do you ?

But seriously, those paroles have a way of relaxing person nerves o, your body go just calm down then for the next 2-3 weeks, babes no go be anything but depending on which kinda guy you be, if i don fuck well, am good for the next 3-4 weeks.

If you wanna be treated this way, am sure we can arrange something, remove some activities and add some activities, u know **winks**

Lastly, Babes, giving head is very good, it helps us ease out stress, so in as much as you don’t like to do it, the more you do it the more it improves  your sexual powers, blowjob giving is necessary for all babes….lollz, both our babes and our paroles o, e necessary die and not forgetting that a guy says he cant give you a head, na 2 scenarios dey there, either you aint clean or you’re the parole and always remember no feelings in parole stuff!
Keep Reppin’
Deolu Bubbles


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5 responses to “SEX! : GF vs Parole”

  1. Ivory Malinov says :

    Hahahahahah…. This is a real eye opener sha.

  2. @FoluShaw says :

    I’m getttingggg U!!!!!

    True talk!

  3. kunlexy301 says :

    True talk very true stuff can’t imagine my gf or wife not giving me a blowjob

  4. cycatrx says :

    i like this, this niccur speaketh the plain truth……….. dear gf, i’ll give u head cos i really really lurv ya…… deolu….. u rep

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