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Today, I woke up thinking about the present status of my life, my very existence. Looking thoroughly, it was clear to see that my current location has been determined by the various stops I have made in the past, the people I’ve met and invited to join me on this journey called LIFE. Ultimately, my friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances all contribute to the sharpening of my choices, which invariably informed my decisions, and Voila! Here I am! All this sound confusing enough? Let me explain.

You want to succeed in life, no doubt. You’ve taken necessary steps to set yourself up for success. You’ve gotten in shape – mentally and physically. You’re working hard on yourself, and you’re reading books and articles with information you need. Then all of sudden, you find yourself stuck. And then who’s to blame?

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Morning peeps, Christmas is a few days away……just 1 plan. **coughs**
Before I continue, I just wanna ask a question, why do people hate Barcelona so much, everyone was rooting for Madrid on saturday. Hmmm bad belle people #TeamBarcelona :B

Moving on, a good friend of mine will be entertaining us today, her name is Seyifunmi Ajanaku (@Crystalsay4)

Enjoy and do share your thoughts.


He was almost at the point of breaking down. If he sought professional advice, it would be said that he was fatigued. He needed rest.

The last thing on his mind was a last minute disturbance. He was all set to leave for the day or in his case 3 days combined in one.

That was before he saw that red light flash and he knew his worst nightmares may have just placed a call through.

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@JosephEParker on letting go of the past

Moving houses recently, I discovered a sobering fact that many of us have an instinct to hoard things that we no longer want or need. Why then, is the critical question, are we so reluctant to declutter? We weigh ourselves down with stuff – including people – that we then spend time and effort trying to get rid of. Psychologists have a term, ‘loss aversion’, which explains a lot. We place a higher value on things we already have and might lose than we do on things we don’t have but might get. Even if, in practice, they’re both equally easy to get rid of.

A trivial but good example is a souvenir. My mother has a room filled with brushes, plastics, utensils, frames, flasks, appliances that she never uses. She may be having a clear-out day, and she thinks, Shall I get rid of this? Then she thinks No. I might need it, I’ll keep it. If she was at a car-boot sale, and the same kitchen knife was for sale for N100, she wouldn’t buy it. She wouldn’t value it enough to spend N100 on it, but because she already has it, she is reluctant to give it away.

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Moving in

Good morning folks, hope your weekend was fine. Before I dive into today’s post, the photo of the week competition for this week was supplied to us by JibolaL. A link to the post is at the end of this article

It was a damn good effort from everybody who have helped us judge Photo of the week, we will keep changing the judges every week, so if you wanna become a judge for this week, signify by sending me a tweet;  let me say this, it isn’t a paying jobs o, so you’re doing it for the greater good 😀

Its Deolu Bubble this morning behind this Monday’s steering wheel.looool

Trying to create my own niche! loool

Moving on, moving in with your boyfriend or fiancé isn’t a big deal so to say, but some of us have reservations. For me, I don’t think I ever want her to move in…….hear me out first before you crucify me.

See, I love my privacy, I love being alone, having no one to bother me, bring in girls when I want. The latter being the actual main reason why I don’t want anyone to move in.

My privacy for me is key, it’s what makes me who I am, asking a girl to move in is like signing my own death warrant or more like dipping a feet in water to test how cold or hot a pool is, asking a girl to move in is a big commitment and as you know guys don’t like to make that kind of commitment, at least not all of us. Some of us are not so brave to explore that territory.

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@JosephEParker on virginity

Good morning folks,

Ladies and gentleman, its inspirational tuesday. Enjoy  @JosephEParker’s pilot post



The kiss is more explosive than you had envisioned. Hearts racing as she makes inaudible pleasurable uhmms and ahhhs. Excitement oozes like myrrh across the dimly lit room. You look into her eyes, so pure and enchanting. You look into them for signs, a little nudging to proceed with the passion. They tell nothing, but she leaves her slim hands across your back, pressing you further into her.

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Anna’s Father

Good morning folks, hope your weekend was fine. Before i dive into today’s post, the photo of the week competition was very stiff for me to judge. So i brought in 3 other judges to help me to this, they include @JosephEParker @lola_creme and @weird_oo. So if you feel bad about not winning, they’re the ones you should give boko haram their handle…loool ofcourse iKid.

Moving on, this monday’s post is supplied us to by @osisiye.Enjoy the short story.
08:00 p.m, Magodo

My house is beside the Orisa River. In times past, there were all sorts of myths surrounding it and people from afar came to worship and pay homage. These days, several waste disposal trucks come to pay homage and worship it with deposits of refuse. Now at night, the smell seeps in-a sickly sweet smell of putrefying organic materials.

The lights in the room are off.

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