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We’ve moved to

Hi Everyone,

First, i would like to thank everyone who have been visiting this blog for the past 5 months.

However, if you’ve been checking here for new posts, am afraid this is the last post here.

We’ve moved to a new domain

Our schedule for blogging is active there.

See you soon!


Keep Reppin’
‘Deolu Bubble



Morning peeps, Christmas is a few days away……just 1 plan. **coughs**
Before I continue, I just wanna ask a question, why do people hate Barcelona so much, everyone was rooting for Madrid on saturday. Hmmm bad belle people #TeamBarcelona :B

Moving on, a good friend of mine will be entertaining us today, her name is Seyifunmi Ajanaku (@Crystalsay4)

Enjoy and do share your thoughts.


He was almost at the point of breaking down. If he sought professional advice, it would be said that he was fatigued. He needed rest.

The last thing on his mind was a last minute disturbance. He was all set to leave for the day or in his case 3 days combined in one.

That was before he saw that red light flash and he knew his worst nightmares may have just placed a call through.

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Anna’s Father

Good morning folks, hope your weekend was fine. Before i dive into today’s post, the photo of the week competition was very stiff for me to judge. So i brought in 3 other judges to help me to this, they include @JosephEParker @lola_creme and @weird_oo. So if you feel bad about not winning, they’re the ones you should give boko haram their handle…loool ofcourse iKid.

Moving on, this monday’s post is supplied us to by @osisiye.Enjoy the short story.
08:00 p.m, Magodo

My house is beside the Orisa River. In times past, there were all sorts of myths surrounding it and people from afar came to worship and pay homage. These days, several waste disposal trucks come to pay homage and worship it with deposits of refuse. Now at night, the smell seeps in-a sickly sweet smell of putrefying organic materials.

The lights in the room are off.

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The Good Wife

Morning folks, am proud to present to you a wonderful blogger, one of our favorites at that.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, welcome @weird_oo



She woke up with a smile on her face and turned to her husband’s side of the bed. He was already up. She smiled, waiting for him to come in and wish her a happy birthday in his usually extravagant way.

She relaxed in bed. She didn’t have to be up to prepare for work just yet.

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Hello everyone, we’re back from the break we gave ourselves, apparently we enjoyed the break more than we thought we would and decided to take the rest of the week off..looool
I know you will understand, blogging is fun but definitely not easy especially when we’ve promised to put up at least 2 posts a week, not easy work, but it’s alright. We love it.

Before I move on, the M.I and Terry G saga, I know its stale gist but it’s now I want to say my own :P.

I think Terry G took the issue too far, I mean the short black dude was only asking a very harmless question, why won’t Terry G see it as that, I mean has D’banj ever insulted anyone who asked the meaning of ‘The Koko’?  Okay, let me just say it, am a big M.I fan #teamMI.

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Getting Comfortable

Hello Everyone, hope you had a wonderful and restful weekend, I saw a lot of twitter folks at the TNC yesterday, everyone was looking dashing, and some like they had  just stepped out of a magazine..looool

The highlight of the event however was when it was time to win the Samsung Galaxy Tab, i was rooting the girl for no damn reason, but the guy won because he pulled down his underwear, meanwhile the girl was in bikini, if the babe had unhooked her bra, she would have won…..looool.

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