Fallen woman

Hi everyone, hope you’re good. Its New year’s eve, wonderful time, traffic ridden time for folks trying to make it home  before 12 midnight. No ball is dropping in this side of the world, ball might not drop but Boko Haram has ‘humbly’ asked everyone to remain in their house. The warning is going out to both Christians and Muslims.

Boko Haram has asked people to boycot the watchnight service, and right now Mr. President isnt inspiring at this time. @josephEParker will do a better job right now….looool

Couldnt attend #TNC3, was out of town but i heard it rocked, Shout out to the TNC crew.

The one question i have is, when will this Boko Haram season pass?

Moving on, a wonderful friend sent me something a while back, cute story, i love her style of writing. Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome @olubela

The deep darkness gives way to translucent light rays. I push myself back into the deeps, but a throbbing ache in the lower part of my abdomen doesn’t take kindly to my laziness. I turn; face resting deeply on the soft cushion. The world inviting as the veil of sleep opens up to my surrounding.

My eyes register a muscled body, naked, slipping into a pair of jeans. I sit up abruptly, dragging the white sheet to my mouth.

“Good morning,” he says as he slides a tee-shirt down his chest.


“Good morning,” my lips shaping the words as I turn my face to the offending sunlight pouring into the room. I do hate the sun on my face. But right now, I am not ready to face what I did or did not do.

He walks over, lowers his body and plants a kiss on my lips. The sudden rise in my lower region finalizes my fears. It happened.


Holy shit. 


Briefly I consider leaning more into the sheet or pushing more into his broad chest. My body decides.


This is sure weird.


The dull ache screaming for fulfillment. I wouldn’t be on for the next few days. It was too early for PMS.


“Where are my pants?” I say as I discover its absence as I curl my leg. He reaches across me, lifts my pillow and hands me my jeans folded. He flattens it and lays it on my laps.


“Would you like some omelets?” he says as he walks out of the room.

I shake my head as I struggle to cry, to find the real me, to discover this is all a dream. Alas it is not. I scramble to remember how I got to this part. Although hoping that whatever I find would tell me I haven’t become a fallen woman.

“I am not sorry, but that life isn’t me. I do not club, get drunk and sleep with random people,” just two days ago, I had proudly said that to Kristen.

Shame deepens in my being as I accept that when he comes back, my body would do the talking. 

I have no idea who he is and he already owns my body.

I stand with jelly legs and shaking hands and put my jeans on. I carefully button my shirt and tuck it in. I pick my bag on the chair close to the bed, pick my phone out, slick my hair into place and check there are no loose strands with my phone.

Five messages, the “where are you” paralyzing me from scrolling through the rest.

I walk out of the bedroom into paradise. The orange, blue, white and red hues calm my nerves as I make my way to him.

He has his back turned to me. I sit on one of the kitchen stool. He turns, puts a plate in front of me and piles it with breakfast.

“Thanks, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but what am I doing here?”

He smiles, turns and prepares a plate for himself. “You don’t remember?”

Bodies pressed together, dancing in unison to the earth song, flashes through my mind. I blush. “I have no idea how I got here. In fact I do not remember your name.”

“It’s alright, it’s Adele. Eat up before it gets cold.”

“Did I drink any alcoholic drink last night?” I venture to ask with the last shred of my dignity.

“Two glasses of sake. You wouldn’t have more. Are you regretting last night?

I look him in the eyes; hoping eyes would do a better job at convincing. Sake and weeks of dozen pain killers obviously do not mix.

I leave the plate untouched and stand up. “I have to leave, would be late to work.”



I slide the key into the lock. As I was about to turn it and push the door in

“Morning to you too, you almost had me worried.” Kristen jogs up to me. I open the door and walk into the house.

“So how was it?” Kristen walks to the kitchen and grabs the vitamin drink on the counter.

“How was what?”

“Your random hook-up yester-night. You almost chicken out from approaching him. I am glad you made me win the bet with Nosa and Craig. Now, how was it? Is he as good as he looks?” Kristen continues with no consideration for my confusion. I slump on the couch, hoping it would absolve my guilt.

“I have no idea what happened last night.” I stood up as the clock chimes 6:30. I needed to get ready for work.

“What happened is you finally let go of your guard and went with the flow.” Kristen’s  words resonate all through my dash to the shower, my quick shower and my journey to work.

At the end of the day, I finally accept it.

Has this ever happened to you?

You find yourself in a stranger’s bed in a totally unfamiliar apartment. Am asking Ladies this questions but if you’re a guy and you’ve found yourself in a lady’s apartment and cant remember what happened the night before……i have nothing to say to you asides YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year in Advance


Keep Reppin’

Deolu Bubble


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10 responses to “Fallen woman”

  1. coolprincee says :

    Cool… Simple but splendid writing

  2. Ekwe says :

    loool. very nice
    the lastline of the first paragraph of the story doesn’t make sense tho.

  3. @rowenagold says :

    Sincerely, this wouldn’t make u ROCK!! Like u put it..
    I read this post and can’t get outta my head all that could go wrong. She could have had unprotected sex, or been wit a really evil man wit a gentlemanly appearance. Etc.
    I understand d thrill of living on d edge, but like ify would say,.. *lips sealed*

    Ps. Yes I know I’m spoiling al d fun

    • 'Deolu Bubbles says :

      Loool……ofcourse they’re all the danger of unprotected sex, or a ritual killer but then the edge is the fun…….. Maybe its on my bucketlist or some other guy’s bucket list.

  4. OluwaWanaBaba says :


    I no go mind wake up for Beyonce bed 😀

  5. oluwami (@olubela) says :

    Thank you all for your lovely comments. Please do visit my blog http://olatodera.blogspot.com for more of my works. And, thanks Deolu Bubbles for allowing me to guestblog on your blog.

  6. Frankices says :

    Woah. That wud be… Im not even going to imagine it. Yes, sumtimes u shud live life dangerously. But not like this. No.

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