Happy Holidays

Good morning Peeps, I know i have been M.I.A for a couple of days.

Well, i finally made up my mind to take that holiday, i will be without any form of technology as from now on, in some holiday resort out of the country. I want to say a big thank you to everyone for your retweets, your comments, visits. I am always overwhelmed by the responses i get on this blog negatively and positively.

I started this blog August 2011, i started it out of been bored with my current life, i wanted something different. I plunged neck deep into this blog with my 18+ escapades, At first it was slow, still slow but the happy factor is that the outlet i created. I have had quite handful of people working with me. From the days of very very eye-torturing posts to now eye-torturing posts (I know my blog still needs a lot of work) especially with my short stories, your support has been very vital. I dont want to mention names so, it doesnt look like i have forgotten some people, i will sha.

Although, there are times i wish i could shut down this blog but then again, thank God for the strength not to.

When i started, i flooded a lot of people’s timeline with my rubbish, and some folks with a lot of pleasantries asked me not to include them into my nonsensical twitter blast of new post alert. A big thank you to @kemmiiii, @ekwem, @mzLucyM @terdoh @LagosHunter, @thetoolsman, @weird_oo, @bule_jr @josephEParker Malota @YemiJohnson Sisi Yemmie @Crystalsay4, @madtlawyer @msInsyane @kimhottie @iDeySmileJor @IamChyyChy @Naijastories @FreshFishToBadt @xotie

@JCphoenixx @Frankices @why_vee @juicyfinelady  @SharonEzeamaka @nikkioginni@vivisleek   @mz411 @cikk0

@Sandie_Pandie @Herroyalgaganes  @Pornjers @Ms_BeeA @WatchMeGLITTER @Tee_L_hoGgA

@MrOmidiran @Spicyaires @nwaokpoechi @Oche_E @oDEEra @Odumah

@deeeolu @Onosaa @osisiye @Phatiei @pweetie_kirtee @ReineMichi

@rhaiharnah @Samsiiie @Sawaleh_ @SheriphSkills  @HL_Blue

@Olatoxic @iceffire @Pheecee @Sirkastiq @adahna @Adm3on @Di0xide

@kaja_isabella @UCHEUGO @BukkieSho @Mhiss_bee   @SlevinCalevra

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@zikolian  @kunlexy301 @TheFakeEsse @OluwaWanaBaba @Immortal_Teddy

@Footamb @pweetydamzel @IDeySmileJor @Olukanyinsola @Crystalsay4

@alatel300@AOT2,@DrewBaba, @Lagoshunter, @d3ola,@Ecstasy_Bella,

@AphasceaWorx,@skilful_laykon @ifreke @Mz_Shadee @teemiam

@Dhamyhan@aytwin2 @Zee_leeshuz  @awizii  @Reine_LaGlace

@Mosi_Tash_Jazzy @thalionezz@mizzybukkii @AyoB_

@tomilola_coco @steffaniez @Iam_oyinsexy @OluKanyinsola and many more.

To all my followers on my blog, Twitter and Facebook, am eternally grateful for your supports, to the people who find it in their heart to leave a comment on my posts either negative or positive, i truly appreciate it. A lot more people leave their comments in their hearts but you find time to write it, the person with the largest comment on my blog is @kunlexy301, got something for you bruv.

A giant hug for my editor, the delectable @mzLucyM, thanks hun! Another huge shout-out to my facilitator @ifreke.

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped me reach over 14+ views, over 500 comments. I have met alot of wonderful people from twitter, thank you for everything.

May God bless you all.

Merry Christmas

**I need to gaan recieve my morning massage from this lovely phillipino lady, hope she moves down to massage my  *coughs*

If you find error in this post, am sorry, but am not under the best condition.


I want to start something more next year, i need a lot of contributors to the project, lemme know if you’re interested.

Keep Reppin’

‘Deolu Bubble


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One response to “Happy Holidays”

  1. Ekwe says :

    Hahahaha . Lucy edits your posts?? That shorty( -_-) don find meter work then.
    New year cheers to you bro. Dont get AIDS. If u have it already,stop distributing 🙂

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