Morning peeps, Christmas is a few days away……just 1 plan. **coughs**
Before I continue, I just wanna ask a question, why do people hate Barcelona so much, everyone was rooting for Madrid on saturday. Hmmm bad belle people #TeamBarcelona :B

Moving on, a good friend of mine will be entertaining us today, her name is Seyifunmi Ajanaku (@Crystalsay4)

Enjoy and do share your thoughts.


He was almost at the point of breaking down. If he sought professional advice, it would be said that he was fatigued. He needed rest.

The last thing on his mind was a last minute disturbance. He was all set to leave for the day or in his case 3 days combined in one.

That was before he saw that red light flash and he knew his worst nightmares may have just placed a call through.

She hurriedly swung her bag to the passenger seat, making enough room to fit into her seat behind the steering wheel. The time was 3:45pm.  She had lost track of time while getting her weekly scheduled massage at the spa; a massage that had been worth every second.

She had been feeling tense all week.

She was in dire need of some relaxation. She had a great marriage, she had beautiful kids; a boy and a girl. Her family loved her and she loved them. They were close knit.

Her husband was successful and one of the finest the country had to offer. She held her own, balancing image consulting and raising her kids was no easy task but with the help of God she found a way.

Today she was late. She stayed a little while longer in the Sauna. She had been off balance lately, her mind always more preoccupied than it usually was. Her spirit was uneasy. She would wake up sometimes not fully rested, still tired and needing to have sugar breaks during the course of a day’s work.

She had kept it to herself no point getting her husband fussing over nothing. He worked hard to make sure their family was comfortable and happy. She was happy.

As she made her way out of the busy street that led out from the Spa, the familiar ring tone suggested her attention was. needed.

She had forgotten to place her phone in the pigeonhole before she started driving, she was running far behind in picking up the kids from school. She was fidgeting with her bag in search of the phone. Her husband had always told her to keep her phone close by while she drove mainly for convenience and nothing else.   Today was one of those days she understood the importance of that advice.

She took her eyes off the road for a split second and bam her car was skidding off the road, with sounds of shattering glass and screeching tires. She had a Deja vu moment. This was why she had been so uneasy the past days. Warnings of unsuspecting doom had made her anxious. The impact was deafening as she saw the faces of her kids and husband flash before her eyes shortly before she drifted into an unconscious state.

The call came through. Sir, it’s an emergency. He made to say “I’m off call, I would just like to head home and take a well deserved nap”. But then He remembered the oath he had sworn many years ago and all the tiredness almost cleared from his eyes.

He walked into the theatre room and busied himself immediately, his patient was laying there critical. One of the nurses had reported that her identity was unknown, as no form of Identification had been found at the accident scene.

It must have been the tiredness or the level of damage that had been caused, as he didn’t notice anything distinctive about the frame that lay before him. This case was a bad one, almost hopeless.

Being one of the best surgeons in the city, over the past weeks, he had seen way too many fatal accidents,but this one was the worst so far.

Just as he made way to make an incision he noticed it… The birthmark he knew so well from a few years of constant interaction. He stepped away from the operating table. His mind was playing tricks on him.

He moved in again to get a closer look as his team looked up at him, one asking “sir is there a problem?”. He shook his head to answer in the negative maybe from his need to believe otherwise.
He grabbed her left foot to check underneath it for signs of confirmation. He needed to be certain it was his mind playing tricks on him till he noticed the scar from a minor accident she had as a child.

He shock his head uncontrollably has he muttered her name. No it couldn’t be, she was at home making lunch for the family, preparing his favourite meal, tending to their kids.

He stormed out of the operating room. Almost loosing his mind. This wasn’t part of the plan they had made, he remembers correctly. It was forever till death do us part and death meant old age not a meaningless accident. No!

He heard the call for the second best surgeon over the hospital radio and made to go back in the theatre room. If anyone could save her it was him. It was his job to protect her.  She was his wife, the mother of his kids, his everything. The nurses wouldn’t let him. He couldn’t operate on his family as was the ethics of the profession.

As he made a final attempt to gain access to the theatre he  overheard “Time of Death is 6:00pm” falling to the ground unconscious, he remembered his kids…


Life throws us curve balls. One minute death is a far cry away and the next minute, it’s history. Sometimes our spirit prompts us to be more sensitive but we ignore the warning signs.

Many people have lost their lives driving on the roads. One accident more meaningless than the next. What can be done to address the toll of these deaths?

May we never experience pain that robs us of our Joy. Amen.


We all need to be careful and live each day like its the last.

Hope you enjoyed the story, its free airtime competition, today’s picture was supplied by @phatiei.

Here is the link, Click here


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7 responses to “Unexpected!”

  1. weird_oo says :

    I was supporting Barcelona! Catalan forever! Sad but interesting story. Life is short!

  2. Demi says :

    Dis is so sad. I don’t know ow it feels to lose a loved one but d story was really touching.

  3. Jibola says :

    Wo_ow na wa o. Curveball toh naiz X_X

    *sigh* Kudos to the writer

  4. OluwaWanaBaba says :

    Awwww… So sad…

    Regarding medical ethics though… I feel if he’s the best in the country, then he should have been allowed to operate on her, family or not.

  5. Fair ciritic says :

    Do your research well regarding medical ethics-Shouldn’t cover a situation of life and death as this one. Even if it does, your narration of that part of the story is pretty unrealistic. No normal human will be thinking of ethics if he thinks he can “save’ his wife’s life. Infact he would rather face a panel thereafter and loose his license and be sane knowing that it was for his partner’s sake.
    Does keeping the phone in the pigeonhole make it any safer to reach/use the phone?if one decides to take a call, pull over period.

    Too many cliches.

    My own advice- regardless, good effort.

  6. malota says :

    Barcelona for foerver!!!!! “We all need to be careful and live each day like its the last.” thanks

  7. kunlexy301 says :

    Wow very touching, d evils of lack of concentration when driving
    P.S #TeamR.madrid

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