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Moving on, moving in with your boyfriend or fiancé isn’t a big deal so to say, but some of us have reservations. For me, I don’t think I ever want her to move in…….hear me out first before you crucify me.

See, I love my privacy, I love being alone, having no one to bother me, bring in girls when I want. The latter being the actual main reason why I don’t want anyone to move in.

My privacy for me is key, it’s what makes me who I am, asking a girl to move in is like signing my own death warrant or more like dipping a feet in water to test how cold or hot a pool is, asking a girl to move in is a big commitment and as you know guys don’t like to make that kind of commitment, at least not all of us. Some of us are not so brave to explore that territory.

Let us examine some of the pros and cons of this moving in debacle.

Firstly, you can get unlimited sex, which is actually the best part, there is nothing like you knowing you can get sex anytime you want. Although, this is true, she might still turn your ass down if you won the argument you had earlier on. Having constant sex is a dream come true for many guys, which eventually leads to getting bored with their partner. I have often heard it said soo many times, when guys complain that their dick’s perfectly fits their partner’s ‘kini’ because of how many times they’ve had sex, there isn’t any more mystery about the babe.

Another factor to consider is, are you ready to share your bathroom, kitchen or even bed. For some guys, it’s alright to share it with a girl for a few hours or over the weekend but moving in they aint sure about. This will especially affect guys with OCD, constantly having to put things in the right place because she doesn’t see any big deal in restructuring your living room. Eventually, it will all sync and everything will move to being normal. I’m one of those guys that don’t see a big deal in sharing if it’s only over the weekend sha. As soon as she leaves, am re-arranging all my stuff to how I want it 😀

Let’s look at chores delegation; this for me is the best part. Finally someone who can help with the chores in the house, even if it means me finally taking backseat in this particular one, chores like  cooking, cleaning, arranging and all are done best by women, that doesn’t mean that I won’t help at all o, but at least she’s got that one covered. Ladies, please this isn’t indicative of me taking you as slaves, we’re working hand in hand together to make our lives worthwhile. Cooperation and understanding is most needed in live-in relationships, for the fact that you’re in the kitchen making food while am in the living room catching up on my favourite series or watching that champion’s league game doesn’t mean I’m not supportive. Don’t worry, I’ll surprise you one Sunday morning with breakfast in bed that is if your idea of breakfast in bed is crackers biscuits and a glass of cold Cappy fruit juice 😀 iKid of course, I mean real breakfast.

The issue of the bills is what sometimes causes little tension. This solely depends on the guy in question, for me, I think the guy should still keep picking the tabs for the apartment at least before she moved in, he was doing that already, although she might chip in a bit for the rent when its stressful or inconvenient for the guy but not downright 50/50 bill splitting.

Ladies, that’s alright with you isn’t it?

Ladies, I want you to correct me if am wrong but I feel most times that some ladies use this to escape from their families, I once had a girlfriend that wanted to move in with me because of the fiasco that kept happening between her and her mum, sad but true. Meanwhile, she disliked her mother for some of the things she made her go through but eventually she moved out of her parent’s house but not to my own house, if she had moved in with me, we would have had series of unprotected sex and before I know anything, she’d pregnant and it’s really difficult convincing a Yoruba girl to abort her pregnancy when it seems like you’re stable, you’ve got everything you need as a young man.

So, in other to avoid stories like that, I refused her moving in with me, it caused a lot of wahala sha, but at least I delayed becoming a family man by another 3 years 🙂 Call me irresponsible!

In as much as you love this girl, you will need to ask yourself some questions and justify the move in stage, the questions include:

Are you ready to make the commitment?

Are you ready to see her everyday as opposed to once,twice or even thrice a week before?

Are you ready to be regarded as a married man, which means you might not get invited to some cool hangouts or orgies?

Finally, are you ready to pay hotel bills to do your fornication as against using your own house?

These questions and many more will come to your mind when you wanna make this move, as for me, I don’t want any girl to move in, let the moving in occur when we get married, I need my privacy because even the sweetest person can become annoying once you get to spend unlimited time with the person.

Before I end this, let me ask you one question, when do we think is the right time to move in with your boyfriend?

Lets talk!

Keep Reppin’

‘Deolu Bubble


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16 responses to “Moving in”

  1. funchiq says :

    Me I think u shld neva mve in wit a guy who u aren’t married 2. Weekends nd smtimes sleepovas are wats best for any relationship.

  2. Terdoh says :

    What are you doing in my house?? Please dey your ozone layer.

  3. @MissThang says :

    Don’t move in until marriage. Period!

  4. weird_oo says :

    Move in with a guy? Hell na! That’s dulling! The guy can move in with me 😀 loool ok seriously, moving in should be after you’re engaged jare! I’m too private as well so I’d be uncomfortable living with my guy..or girl 😀

  5. Mz_Shadee says :

    Moving in with ur bf will guarantee a life time of see finish. Then there’s no mystery in d relationship? But if u must, I say move in when u r engaged and almost married, but then again since u r going to get married and live togeda anyway, what’s d hurry? ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯

  6. her royal 'highness' says :

    I have serious issues wit spendin a lotta time wit the same people evryday and I kent imagine living wit a man that hasn’t paid my brideprice. Plus sooner or lra,†ђξ unprotected sex will come in and I kent fit shout plus I need 2 be able 2 hav male ‘friends’ over. Moving in is def sumthin I will never evr tink of doin:)

  7. @OluwaWanaBaba says :

    Moving-in is a definite no-no. Until we get married (if we ever get married), find somewhere to put your ugly butt.

  8. SlevinCalevra says :

    Do not trust women. I will not even let my girlfriend know where I work talk less of where I live. In this world, you can never be too careful o! B*tches is cray these days bro… Don’t do it.

    Larry Sushey.

  9. her royal 'highness' says :

    How many guys will feel comfortable enuf 2 visit their platonic female frnd who’s livin wit a guy? When †ђξ guy isn’t their frnd originally. And yh,I might hav other motives too*biteme*
    @ weird_oo 14yrs

  10. @Frankices says :

    First of all, how many “bests” do u have?

    Anyway, I’m not trying to promote moving in with ur partner, but wudnt that help u to know that u actually can? For the rest of ur life?

  11. @spicyaries says :

    There is no rite tym 2 move in wit ur BF, me as a prsn cn’t cos I so cherish my freedom n wud not wanna move in wit my BF but I can go n spend wkend.

  12. Demi says :

    If u guys r pretty serious wit each other its not really a huge deal but d flip side is dat wot if u guys break up does dat mean u wud move in wit d next guy again. So u just have to apply wisdom

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