How to know she wants the D!

Hello Folks, here is the post i tweeted about yesterday, it isnt exactly 18+ as it is, it was written by a guest blogger who wants to remain anonymous…looool

Feel free to let you mind wonder who she is, a clue to her identity is that she is a popular blogger… 😀

I hope you enjoy it.


I’ve always been considering a career as an agony Aunt. Probably in the Dear Aunty Titi section of Sunday Punch. You know, churn out advice; give out tips and all… This is me testing the waters.

Also, teaching you confused and clueless guys how to know if she wants it!


If you are an expert P setter <_< , please leave okay! You belong to an advanced class.

So you’ve been dating for quite a while now. Being the dead guy that you are, you haven’t even hit third base. If you haven’t hit first base please close this browser now!

Thank you. What kinda dead guy are you gan?

And now for y’all that have hit third base and lingering there, because you don’t wanna rush things, this is how you know she wants the D!

1.       Look out for those random tweets;

“uhm! I really need a hug”

often it starts raining and she goes;

“oooh weather for two”

       she wants the D!! Really does.

2.       You’re standing, facing each other. She  keeps taking sharp glances at your crotch!! Ding! Ding!!

3.       She calls you in the middle of the night/ she pings/ texts you and goes

“where are you?”

 She wants the D, just doesn’t know how to ask for it.

4.       If she ever tells you she’s horny. Don’t dull on that one.

5.       Sometimes, she can go straight to the point;

“I wanna FU*K.”

Lucky you! can it get more obvious?

6.       She asks to hangout. She might just want the company but who knows?

7.       She asks you to give her a ride home, she’s probably gonna ride you after. Don’t hesitate to go up with her.

8.       That sticking out your tongue thingy with the very subtle hint of sexiness; Yeah she wants it. (‘Deolu Bubble here, i have always thought that smiley was very suggestive. Good thing someone else feels that way 🙂 )

9.       She RTs your every tweet. #nuffsaid.

How do I know this you may ask? Well, Im a girl.


Thats all tips we’ve got for now, if you also have a post you would like to remain anonymous on, send to

One last thing, the Photo competition is still up, competition is getting stiff, so if you havent dropped yours, feel free to do so here

Keep Reppin’

‘Deolu Bubbles


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12 responses to “How to know she wants the D!”

  1. Kanyinsola Oso says :

    I can guess who this is. I’m sure this is Yemi. Sisi Yemmie well done o. Thank you for revealing our secret. Nice one though.

  2. kunlexy301 says :

    Any guy dat doesn’t kno dis has serious problem and wats wrong with asking the girl sef? I asked and in 6hrs I got wat I wanted

  3. aytwin2 says :

    I know who the person is.. 🙂

    She writes for the same blog where your mentor is…. (any prizes for guessing correctly?)

    interesting read tho 😀

  4. Young J. says :

     You’re standing, facing each other. She  keeps taking sharp glances at your crotch!! Ding! Ding!!

    3.       She calls you in the middle of the night/ she pings/ texts you and goes

    “where are you?”

    Hahahahahaha … Ok O ….

  5. gee says :

    Not all sha. Bt I’m d kind to go straight to d point. But yeah, some leave hints and shii.


  6. DeputyDeolu says :

    Anonymous Blogger, I don’t know you but I know your blog, I know your blog well. 😉
    Cool Stuff.

    Most of them are kinda obvious sha, but the rest are one-kind… What do I know sha, I’m a guy. Once upon a time I used to look out for the subtle signs too but… they often betrayed me, so now I just ask for it #GBAM. Yes, means you’re in luck. No, means well… No but you’d have planted a seed sha, that she would one day imagine, then dream about and who knows “Dreams come true” or then again, you can get it out of pity. Which in my opinion is still getting it, whether lottery or pity or community effort *shrug*

    Enough Said. (Y)

  7. phantompages says :

    I want the D and i want it now. -_- 😀 psyche!

  8. funchiq says :

    very eye opening to the blind guys receive your sight!!!! i miss dis most def.

  9. @Frankices says :

    Lemme get this straight. If she tells u she’s horny, then she wants the D? •_• O-kaaaayyyy. •_•

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