Assistant Boyfriend!

Hello wonderful people, how was the weekend, hope it was fun, and not dulling like mine was? it’s all good. Almost done rewriting the blog, the section we focused on was 17 Awosika, it’s presently going through a lot of scrutiny and modification, I’m sure you all would like the end result. The good news is that we will be back to our normal schedule by next week.
About the topic of today; in as much as we all have an idea about what I write about, it’s just my own opinion, doesn’t make it right neither does it make it wrong, it’s just how I feel about some issues and lastly like ‘Deolu Bubbles on facebook, 🙂
Now that that’s out of the way,
**clears throat**

I have never been one and I don’t think I will ever be one, an assistant boyfriend I mean, it just isn’t me. Throughout school, I saw guys do it, some were successful and some weren’t. When I mean some were successful, I mean they finally got to date the girl while for some of the other guys, they go home with swollen eyes and lips like ‘Dewunmi of Beat FM. (by the way I think a 4 weeks ban is rather small a punishment for Olisa, he should have rushed about 2 or more punches down Olisa’s lips also) #justsaying 🙂

Most guys feel there is nothing wrong with the other guy been with their babe until the babe starts to mention the assistant boyfriend’s name more times than usual and then the boyfriend goes o.O
Anyway, the point is, I feel the aim of every assistant boyfriend is to finally overthrow the main boyfriend and become the main guy, which I find rather ambitious for the assistant because, I don’t know where you were when she was single, but that’s just me sha.

One of the major characteristics of an assistant boyfriend is that, he is always the guy with the babe, they are always together, and the assistant boyfriend can be seen often in schools. Most of the assistant boyfriends that I know are those ones I knew when I was in school, in fact there was a particular guy in my class, I think the assistant boyfriend was more of a divine calling for him than a hobby because he managed to be an assistant boyfriend to a couple of girls in the class, he was always with them when we had to go other halls for lectures and all, he was always their first choice.

On a fateful day while we were in school, the guy who he was ‘assisting’ walked up to him and told him to leave his girlfriend alone, meanwhile this my assistant boyfriend of a guy was a slim guy o ,not those slim and tough guys o, the slim and cant fight kinda guy. The assistant bf just walked away, it was later when we spoke with the boyfriend that we told him that he didn’t have to do that, because they were only friends, and the assistant bf knew her boyfriend. The assistant guy simply left and reduced his interactions with the babe, because the babe’s boyfriend had this fierce look and a club bouncer’s frame.

While his own ended badly because from that day in class, he became a new person, so withdrawn; Another scenario was with a friend, he was working and sort of busy and you know this neighborhood boyfriend things, he’s dating her and all of his friends know her, he lives down the road, his girlfriend lives up the road, his own friend lives 3 blocks away from him. So it was usually one big happy family during the weekends when the guy was at home, but he had been hearing rumors that his friend usually ‘assists’ him while he was at work during the week, because he didn’t get home until 9pm or late. This kept happening for a while, even when the babe came to the island and they went to the movies, this assistant boyfriend was always there, but my friend was cool because the assistant boyfriend was his friend, so they were cool, right?

Fast forward to 3 months later, the girl left my friend for the assistant boyfriend, #GBAM! This was a true story, and because it was a neighborhood thing, it sparked off beef amongst the boys and everything went south in the neighborhood, the girl had to move out because my friend wasn’t the gentle type.

If you know a guy that is currently ‘assisting’ you with your girlfriend, I suggest you rectify the situation even if he’s your friend, cause there have been several instances, where friends have stolen each other’s girlfriends, so be very careful.
As for me, I strongly advise against being an assistant boyfriend to any girl, if you know she’s got a boyfriend, limit your interactions with her, and always remember it’s easier to steal someone’s girlfriend than to keep your own, leave her alone, don’t make her fall for you because you’re doing right what her boyfriend is doing wrong, you don’t know how hard/easy it is to date someone until you do.
Thanks for reading, the Re-tweets, mentions, comments, thanks for everything, even some folks who read, but neither comment nor re-tweet, you can share your own experience as an assistant boyfriend or a boyfriend threatened by an assistant boyfriend.

So, who knows if assistant boyfriends get sex because I doubt it but then again, who knows, who has got an assistant girlfriend? 🙂

N.B : About Wizkid’s sextape, in as much as people are saying it isnt him, i think its him and dont be ashamed :D, you didnt do that bad, i was just wondering why her, it looked like your whole body was in her butt crack, apologies for my would have better luck using your arm rather than your ‘kini-kini’ ……lolllz.

Have a lovely week

Keep Reppin’
‘Deolu Bubbles


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13 responses to “Assistant Boyfriend!”

  1. phantompages says :

    Had some of those (even when the boyfriend was imaginary Lol!) Some people just don’t know when to give up so u mke dem second in command..and LMAO @ the wizkid jibe! I must watch this vid! This my last carrying isn’t healthy!

  2. ibetapassmynebo says :

    Na wa oh. . .

  3. Deolu says :

    A Variant of Assistant BFs are Caspers (as in Casper the Friendly Ghost) Remember how Casper used to hope and pray that he became a real boy just so he could do that babe…oops my bad “love that babe”

    I’ve been Casper before (in my defense, it was a long time ago and I was wayyy younger) not cool, nooo not cool at all. It has it’s own lessons sha. Then another Variant is the Moodle (Man-Poodle) that one is self explanatory….Never been that. B-)

    Nice Post Bro.

  4. isetfiretotherain says :

    looool! I know about assistant bfs, basically all campus boyfriends are assisting the ogas outside.

  5. Xbone says :

    Personally dont av any prob being an assistant boyfriend….av neva been one either but i dont fink the prospect is bad..unless ur nt gettin sex frm it….4 me being an assistant jst means less emotional/otherwise responsibilty n more sex!!…jst my opinion tho..

  6. SlevinCalevra says :

    Did u Cc @assistantbf on twitter?

  7. Ekwe says :

    “a guy who he was ‘assisting ’ his girlfriend walked…” …should be “the guy whose girlfriend he was assisting”…or something like that.

  8. @AssistantBF says :

    @SlevinCalvera ..Err.. Cc me for?
    Oh well, when I changed my handle to AssistantBF I intended for it to mean Assistant Best Friend buh since stupidity is some sort of Inherited cool disease on Twitter, I neva corrected Tweeps who thot otherwise. By the way, I’ll rather you sort ur GF’s bills while I floss her Hoo-ha. Nobody likes drama except authentic BF’s.. I can bet N50 & a Lump of Dankwa dat ur Chick cheats.. ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯

  9. aot2 says :

    Any self-respecting guy should NEVER be an assistant boyfriend, its demeaning! Its either you get want you want or leave. All that ‘follow-follow’ is not meant for a man with testicles.

  10. Kunlexy301 says :

    Assistant BF sumtimes those guys could b annoying. i know a guy whose GF was taken 4rm him by d assistant BF who also happens to b d guy’s bestfriend…very annoying

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