Badt Sharp Guys

Hello everyone, I keep thanking people for coming to my blog right? Yes, because it doesn’t cost you anything not to come, and just go over to other interesting blogs, and as for the comments, I always appreciate them. Thanks very much.

Today’s topic was inspired by hmmm, some event I saw some weeks ago, 2 weeks ago actually. Which brings me to the question, who wins at the end of the day? Men or Women? Let me expatiate further , I saw a girl we went to university together, we say hi to each other but we aren’t really close friends like that.  On to the main issue.  Okay, I saw her with her family, she was driving and her husband was sitting next to her. Now I’m not sure if he was teaching her how to drive, but they looked like they were just coming back from church, with their kid at the back, driving home in peace.

Nothing wrong with the picture above right? But the thing is this girl had a serious case of being a serial fucker! Pardon my Spanish! I knew her main guy in school and also a lot of attaché boys that were doing her, I dint only hear the stories; I saw it with my own eyes! They were screwing each other’s brains out this one time I slept in my friend’s room in school, they left class just to go and straff, a lecturer once left them in his office because he wanted to go for a class, and the both of them shagged in a lecturers office again, the point is they shagged alot, meanwhile this babe was also sleeping with the same lecturer o! She has this story and many more stories, now fast forward, 3-4 years later, she is married with a kid, driving out on a Sunday afternoon with her husband talking, and having fun.

I don’t know if there’s a problem with this but it seems strange to me, I still have the contact of her former bf in school, he’s working and alright but I just couldn’t forget the reckless life she lived. She’s got a kid now anyway, she got married to a Pastor, and it’s almost like she never lived that reckless life before, like her slate has been wiped clean! I’m not judging o #justsaying

I know another guy, he actually lived a scandalous life as well, was much older than me actually. He was a reckless flirt; in fact he makes me seem like a virgin! A lot of abortions around his neck, took money from ladies and almost any evil thing you can think of. Now fast forward to 6 years later, he has a family and he’s doing well. The thing is these things happen everyday, bad girls marry good guys, bad guys marry good girls.

For me, I think it’s mainly about the kind of person you are and your connection with God. This is because I have seen people who do their own abortion themselves without the aid of a doctor, I know a guy who does abortion for his girlfriend himself, no doctor! He was trying to teach me but I said no no, I would rather have a doctor do it, and don’t look at me like that, it happens. Most of these bad girls live happily ever after, and the good girls, they get pregnant once and when they try to abort it, they either die or can’t carry a baby for the rest of their lives.

I think there is a limit to everything, each and every guy or girl has his or her own limit. Don’t live your life according to someone else’s; btw i think Abuja is the Sodom and Gomorrah of our time; don’t bow to societal pressures because your timetable is different from every other persons’. No one is telling you not to enjoy your life, but know when its time for you to stop! As far as you’re an adult, no one will stop you from doing what you want to do.

Remember when you were young and you always wanted to stay out till 9pm, and your parents forced you back into the house? Now, you’re still gisting outside at 11:30pm and still planning to go clubbing, that’s how life is. We all enjoy the freedom, but the most important thing is to know how to limit yourself, set checks and balances for your life. Don’t for the sake of things you read on the internet, live your life recklessly, if you want to womanize, do it, if you want to ‘man-ize’ too, do it also, but like Yoruba folks tell their kids “Remember the child of whom you are”

Don’t hesitate to settle down with that girl that really likes you, and don’t hesitate on that guy that can do anything for you, because at the end of the day, we all want to be happy, and you at 35 or 40 wont be happy if you’re still single.

Make the best out of life, live free, smoke weed or even skunk, drink like there is no tomorrow, party all night, blow all your salary for a particular month, travel to new places, go skydiving, party like a rockstar, have sex till u can’t lift a finger, walk naked around your house, tell that friend your mind, stay in bed as long as you want, be happy, but remember at the end of the day, the only person that matters to you is you! The fact that you’ve been dating your partner for the past 5 years doesn’t mean he/she wont leave you, I have seen people who dated for 10 years and still didn’t get married. Just remember that your “badt sharp guy or badt sharp babe” will end soon; just enjoy it while it lasts.

Don’t forget to leave when the ovation is loudest, get married when most guys want you, get married when most babes want you, you don’t wanna look back and wonder why you didn’t marry that guy.

One more thing, you would not hear from me on this blog for a while, we’re trying to restructure/ edit the posts that are already here, and write new ones. It’s not as if there isn’t content, but we need to eradicate all the errors in the previous posts.  So, you might have one post a week or less, until when we get back, thanks for the love.

Keep Reppin’

‘Deolu Bubbles


11 thoughts on “Badt Sharp Guys

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  1. lmao. D guy make d notorious bubble feel like a virgin. Crazy. Nice writeup and true too. Bad girls get d gud guys bt nt al live happily after. Sum guys r gold-diggers while odas r past-diggers. We shud ol nt jst live 4 2day alone bt 4 2mao 2.

  2. But what about when you live life and it bounces back in your face, and you end up regretting all the mistakes you DID make. What happens then?

  3. That’s just two outta the numerous badt boys nd gurls u knew back then in sch plus u don’t reli know what the ‘pastor’ (d hubby to d gurl) has also done in life b4 becoming a pastor or even what he is still doing nd more so, the child *sighs* I won’t say d baby may not be the pastors property *lips sealed* but reli, u don’t know what goes on in their hearts, their minds and also in their homes.
    The yorubas do say ‘Olorun maje ki agbe onje ale wa fun olongbo je’ *ask ur friend for translation. #okbye

  4. its unfortunate that the people that do bad things prosper more than the people that live a clean and humble lifestyle.. and its annoying cause they end up having a happy and long marriage and they go unpunished most times…

    Like my uncle always said, the bad girls tend to marry quickly cause they know the tricks on how to get the good guys…

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