Good morning folks, hope you had a lovely weekend, like I did, especially the fact that I didn’t do anything throughout the weekend, I like to do that alot of times, just sit indoors, no visitors, sleep, watch tv and write 17 Awosika, i have news for you; it will come up every Thursday, and for the DS series, it will come up Wednesdays, I am still expecting people who want to volunteer to be my editor, as alot of people complain that they’re way too many errors on my posts, but thanks for the love anyway, appreciate it :*

If you havent read the Porno, you should, very interesting comments.

Now to today’s Post, its called DONT TOUCH ME, these 3 words we usually come across when ladies visit guys.***clearing my throat***

Ladies, we hear this mostly from you, and it has to do with when you visit us, in as much as we would love to hide how we’re excited about your coming over, especially guys like me, as soon as you come in, I like to touch and fool around, which will go a long way in revealing if any form of sexual activity will be achieved. Okay, maybe i should start by saying if we’ve been chatting, sending pictures **naughty pishures** , professing lust on yahoo messenger or facebook or bbm, and you come over looking all sexy and dashing, once you come and you’ve settled in, we expect that after your drinks,we should start fooling around, by fooling around, I mean kissing and touching, and then you bring up those 3 words…..LEAVE ME ALONE with a straight face 😐

Of course, those words come with different intentions, one of them is DONT TOUCH ME, NOT YET! **laughing** and another one is a standing order LEAVE ME ALONE, DONT TOUCH ME **with a straight face** , as guys Im sure some of us are pretty much okay with the first one because we know that later on probably by 30 minutes time, you will be in the mood, but the second one is a no go area but then again, its easily changeable, if the guy can manage to turn her on, but the reason why am writing this post is because of the second one, which at times seems very hopeless, how can you come to my house after the prepping on bbm, facebook and all, and then you come and tell me LEAVE ME ALONE,DONT TOUCH ME and you expect me not to be mad, well, if you can justify it,Ii might consider not getting angry but please let it not be the fact that its your first time visiting me.

I seriously loathe that excuse, that its your first time, so nothing can happen, one quick question, what will make it different when its your second visit, you would no longer be shy or you would be prettier then ? I am just trying to understand why we cant just do it now, it will help bridge the gap, no more obscene drama between us, whats there to be shy about if we’ve seen eachother naked? atleast then we can move onto other things. Forgive me if i am insensitive at this point, Yoruba people say what nature of play is the dog doing with the lion, because the lion will eat the dog, am not saying this to scare off ladies but am just saying if he’s the guy that you talk dirty to most of the time, you guys gist about what a good shag is and then you get to his house and expect that he would be looking at you like a prized trophy, guys, the irony of the case is if you dont make that move, she would say it at your back that you aint a man, so leave all this gentleman story, it would be so absurd that a lady will make the first move at you, I strongly doubt it, you’re expected to make that move yourself, she can pick it up the next time but the first one has to be from you.

Ladies, if you come in with the excuse that you’re having your period, absolutely fantastic, no wahala, this one gives you an exemption ticket but then you should be ready to follow it up with fooling around :D. Atleast that doesnt disturb your flow, as for me ‘Deolu, i dont do girls on their period, so you can count me out, but some other guys dont mind if you’re having your period or not. Fooling around is my hobby, especially the boobs, am a boobs kinda guy, lets just get freaky. For some folks the whole don’t touch me ruins things.

I’m about to say something that might offend some ladies, but i believe you cannot tell how much you love a lady until you have sex with her, its okay to disagree with me, I don’t date ladies that we’ve not had sex, i think it necessary that we both be on the same page of everything, we can choose to have sex or not but not outrightly NO SEX, i know alot of boys who have agreed with this policy for their girlfriends and 2 years down the line, no sex and because the guy was inlove when he first met her, he agreed with all her terms of no sex, with the hope that down the line, she would change her mind, apparently, she is the kind of girl that doesnt change her mind easily, the irony of the case is that the girl isn’t even a virgin. Can you imagine ? Why suffer the poor boy?

Another scenario is another colleague of mine, who disvirgined his gf, and since then no sex, that has been over a year now, meanwhile the guy is sexually active, the guy told me his gf told him that no sex until they get married that they’ve had sex before, isnt it? , meanwhile its true that they’ve had sex but the bros cant even remember when they did it cos its been so long ago, and ladies will expect their bfs not to cheat, if you are the guy in this situation, what will you do ?

Help me advice my friend and colleague, also answer this question sincerely, is there any possibility that you would sleep with a guy on the second date if you dont on the first date.

Should you actually leave her alone when she says that, because we all know some ladies mean Yes when they say No. 🙂 some ladies like it rough, they enjoy been rough handled, not rape o!

P.S : ‘Deolu Bubbles has never and will never support RAPE 🙂

And Guys, let me just say this, if you don’t talk dirty with her and she doesn’t show signs of flirting, I think you shouldn’t make an attempt towards fooling around with her because there is difference between six and half a dozen…lolllz. Some guys are pros in converting friends into bedmates, you might wanna have some of the tips required for that, if you want them, you can mail me at 🙂

All in all, ladies are a 2 way switch, she might not talk dirty or flirt, she might just enjoy practising rather than talking about it 😀

Keep Reppin’
‘Deolu Bubbles

N.B : Ladies, I hopeIi dint offend you, this post is to educate and entertain, SHIKENA!


14 thoughts on “DONT TOUCH ME!

Add yours

  1. I like it rough…no,not really.I like it gentle,but not too gentle or I might doze off during the course of the act.Ok,let’s stick with rough.

    PS:I can be your editor.

  2. @SlevinCalevra , the point to draw the line will be how she tells you the lines, if she says it with all firmness, she might actually mean it, the “not yet” means that there is still hope someone between today or down the line, the dont touch me, leave me alone is more like till further notice…..

  3. I, Terdoh, support rape.

    Yes, I do…especially when I am the victim.

    If there are any interested girls willing to rape me, send your addresses, I will come over…

    PS: Buy LV Condoms…I don’t get raped with cheap stuff.

  4. …Are you paying to be edited? 😀 …

    Plus.. Your frnd musta scarred his girl when he deflowered her… Poor thing is scared shiTleSS..

    P.s not Being a virgin isn’t an xcuse to be all nympho n shit..

    (Teddy… Lv tho?)

  5. I tnk chcks js lyk d atentn. I actualy lv d fact dat a guy fnds me atractve so i stal i’d stal d goodies 4 as lng as posible. Bt wt flashes here nd dere. #justsayin.

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