Mumu Button!

Hello everyone, how was your weekend, hope it was peaceful, this post was should have been up on friday but due to the attack on the U.N building in Abuja,some of us were scattered,calling all our loved ones around the area trying to find out if they’re okay and all, but we thank God for his mercies sha, last week saturday marked a certain milestone for this blog and i really appreciate the visits, the comments, the retweets and all. My last post on the DS Series brought about some comments and perhaps adjustments to that section, it isn’t any big deal anyway, i will try to bring it in a better, irresistible and packaged manner, when i started this blog, all i wanted to do was write posts from a sorta different point of view, I wasnt looking to be poetic about it, i wanted to write them like i was gisting with someone, something friendly, no boundaries.

Hence the use of Pidgin english in my posts, i hope that you do understand why i write the way i write, the reason for the shorthand is like I want it to feel like a bbm chat of some sort although, a longer version of it anyway, all in all, its to bring entertainment to you, thanks a lot once again.

Now to today’s post or should i say to last friday’s post, we all know what the title means, it’s this irresistible devotion or submission to someone for some reasons some people wont wanna divulge, you must have heard it somewhere or somehow sha, it could sound like this “That babe get my mumu button”, in other words, he/she is a sucker for that person, we all have that person that has our mumu button, even meΒ  myself(i know its wrong grammar, it just flows πŸ™‚ ), these people have a certain leverage on us, some of them even have higher leverage than family, ok, lemme use this as an example to buttress my point, i have this chic, av been stuck since when i met her at first back in 2006 or so, we’ve shagged as many times as possible, if she calls me now, i would run as soon as i have the chance to,she still called me a couple of weeks ago to ask for a loan, i dint give her sha, but i gave her 50% of the money she asked for, and we’re cool, i can boldly say she’s got my mumu button, moreover, am anonymous,even still, who cares ? πŸ˜€

She’s that chic you would go extra mile for!

The mumu button has advantages and disadvantages, mostly for us guys who they’ve got our mumu button, it makes us look like we’ve lost our balls(not the tennis ball), i mean can you imagine how annoying it can beΒ  for a lady to call you at about 1:30a.m in the night that shes stuck somewhere and cant get a cab, that you need to drive down there to pick her up, if its someother girl, you would make sure, you spell how stupid and irresponsible she is to be out at this time of the nite not to talk of calling you, for some guys sef, we no go pick the call but if she’s got your mumu button, u sef go carry ur mumu sef to pick her up wherever she is.The advantage of the mumu button for a girl is that you would do anything for her at anytime of the day. Shikena! (lets be clear, i wasnt the one called at 1:30am to pick her up :D)

For the ladies that they some guy has their mumu buttons, as you know guys, we can like to just press those buttons for nothingsake (bad grammar, i know:)), unlike ladies that invoke the button for good reasons, we dont need to have a good reason to press the button, i have this girl who i was sure her mumu buttons are with me, lemme tell you what i did with it sometime ago, she stays not too far, it’s far sha but still a manageable distance, i called her one saturday and told her it was a matter of life and death, that i needed to see her in less than 30 minutes time, that whatever she was doing she should leave it and come over ASAP, lolllz, i did it all 24 style, 24 the Jack Bauer series, as soon as i dropped, i couldnt stop laffing buh she came in record time of 15 minutes, she was panting and i was laughing and she asked wat the problem was, she said she thought i had an accident, i told her i was missing her and we helped each other undress….the rest is history.

It’s a good feeling to have someone’s mumu button, however i cant say the same thing when someone has mine, the funny thing is that as guys some of us make sure we hide it very well, we don’t want our friends to find out about it cos it makes us look weak and stupid.

Lemme ask you this, wats the craziest thing you’ve done for someone who has ur mumu button, write it as anonymous if you like πŸ™‚ .

Today is another friday (i know today is monday jo), cant wait for the 2 days public holliday, God knows, am watching all the 24 Series ( i know am stale **rme**), 2 seasons down, another 6 to go, loving it already, takia people, av got another question for you, do you believe the following ;

“The power of a relationship lies with who cares the least”

Have a good day people.

Keep Reppin’

P.S : Am changing my signature from ‘Deolu Bubbles to ‘DB, what do u tink about shameless, the series, i like it


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7 responses to “Mumu Button!”

  1. funchiq says :

    wow, wish i had your mumu button. well its an eye opener for me at least i know that guys just press gals buttons for nothing. i love the ‘deolu bubble not DB.

  2. @weird_oo says :

    The wonders of the mumu button..I shall not disclose mine because I’m sure the owners of the buttons are going to read this! :X interesting post! (Y)

  3. alex says :

    I think mine is broken… 😦
    Can’t really point out any exact moment, but there were all those general things… The lateness, the silence, being stOod up n ol that, things I really wouldn’t take from anyone else.
    And now I gerrit! Guys do that for no reason at all?! Lmao! Lesson learned. Shant take it so personal anymore.
    But that button is definitely broken. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ … I think. 😐

  4. IAmAyology says :

    Haha. Choice of Topic on point. Lol. Btw, wuh happens if the mumu button is pressed too hard?

  5. kunlexy301 says :

    Nice topic. d craziest thing i’v done hmm…i stole popsi’s car to see dis girl coz she said she was missing me later i bashed d car (not a bad dent tho) 4rm dat day onwards i said enuf is enuf

  6. @Miss Thang says :

    I can proudly say no one has my mumu button, atleast not yet. πŸ™‚

  7. Kemmiiii says :

    Yh!! I guess my mumu button is broken too. πŸ˜€
    Me iLike Deo;u Bubble o!!

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