In a relationship!

Hello People, how are you and how was your weekend, hope you had fun, as for me, i was at another wedding again, smh,will it stop anytime soon or maybe the question is will it ever stop, friends getting married here and there but i will not let it get to me, shikena, another good thing is that before going for the wedding, Jack Bauer held me down for more than half of the night and also made me almost miss the wedding cos by the time i got there late, some guests were already leaving the venue……which brings me back to the point, what is wrong with Nollywood (just a different story,not the one of the boy going against his parent to marry one girl…plssss….something different abeg 🙂 ), i couldn’t pee because i dint want to miss any single part of 24 Season 8, i know y’all have seen it and all but i like to take my time at things, nollywood, please make us proud :D.

Would like to thank everyone who reads my blog, thank you for the love, the retweets, the likes, the comments, am very grateful, but as usual, i don turn oliver twist(by the way, wat do u think of Oliver twist, and the dance video, also read somewhere dat the crib is wand coals’….hmmmm).

Back to the gist that brought me to oliver twist, i appreciate the visits, but i have to ask for your favors again, the usual ones, so if you’ve done it for me already, i love you, thanks…lollllz, if not, lemme tell you what the favors are , 1, like us on facebook :D, easy right 🙂 2, leave a comment if u enjoyed it or what u disagreed with or what you agree with, thanks a lot :*

To my today’s gist, what brought this about is the argument or discussion i had with friends on sunday, girls in a relationship, you’re wondering, so wats up with girls in a relationship, well not to bug you too much, here is the question

Would you go after a girl who already has a boyfriend?

Simple enough, aint it,for some people,guys mostly, it isn’t simple enough,it becomes complex especially for ladies, babes cannot differentiate between sex and emotion/affection( i know av said this before but bite me :P). Would you go after a girl who already has a boyfriend and u’re very sure about it, i have friends both male and female, who agree to this, if your answer is No, lemme ask you this second question, what if this girl is that girl you saw in ur dreams, that is ur ideal mate and everything, she has the perfect smile, she’s from the right place, she is from a decent family, she’s close to perfect or as i always say “almost” perfect, the only obstacle is that, she’s with someone, would you still go after her.

The irony of this case is that i know 2 people that  was the situation earlier on, one is my God sister(she married) and another one is a close friend, they’re getting married in december.

The case of the married couple is somehow, her current husband back then despite the fact that he knew she was seeing someone else still mounted pressure on her that, he had dreamt about it and he was sure and absolutely sure that she was his wife, she told me she banged the door at his face several times when he came to her house back then, but 5-6 years down the line, they’re happily married with 2 kids, a boy and a girl.

The second one too is fairly like this, the new guy even was a friend to the babe’s ex-boyfriend, and before you know it, things got out of hand, and the girl is getting married to her ex’s friend. When this happens, who is to blame? Is it that the girl isn’t patient enough or the guy isn’t serious enough and the both of them don’t believe in each other.

In other departments like sex, years earlier, i had a rule of not sleeping with a girl that had a boyfriend, needless to say,i trashed the rule cos you know what, she aint married and she wanted to do it, it isn’t like she was raped, even after the sex, some girls start talking about how horrible their boyfriends are, some even go as far as asking you to date them that they would leave their boyfriend, i got one question, how sure am i that you wont do the same thing to me also, its different strokes for different folks, in as much as we’re all humans, i try to draw the line at married women, i don’t go after married women and women with their wedding coming soon, but as awkward as life is, you will find out that these girls will still go after other boys even with their wedding less than a week away.

In all fairness, i don’t know why but some girls, i cant say all girls have soft spots for the guys that dis-virgined them, the boys have unlimited access to the goodies irrespective of her status, i tink it only works for girls that are not exposed(not totally right here 🙂 ), for some its one of their boyfriends that have their mumu buttons, if he calls, they must show up at his place in less than 48 hours no matter how busy they’re, search your heart of heart and you will find out, its true 🙂 am talking from experience 😀

I know a girl who came to sleep with her ex boyfriend 3 days away from her wedding, they were still frolicking while she called her hubby to send her money for the arrangement left for the wedding, she was in the bed of another man, meanwhile, my friend said he was drawing circles around her nipples while she was talking to her fiance, meanwhile, it was raining on the guy’s own end, imagine running to pay money into ur babe’s account for wedding arrangement n she’s been screwed by some other guy…smh most of these cases are serious, so forgive some boys when they don’t trust their babes. lemme just say this here, its a lot easier stealing someone’s babe than keeping your own.

The point is there are good and evil in people, can you go after a babe with a boyfriend?

Lastly, lemme say, its always an enjoyable experience, thats the whole point of it right??? Catch the trips!!!!!

Keep Reppin’

‘Deolu Bubbles


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12 responses to “In a relationship!”

  1. misunderstoodsmind says :

    hahahahaa 😦 sad tho that this happens alllloottttt, buh u know wat they say, shit happens…..:o)

  2. StevanteB says :

    Nice and shamefully true,buh pls u guys are neither saints nor immune to being potential mumu’s…….nice article nywayz

  3. Kemmiiii says :

    Choi! *smh* for that babe about to walk down the isle.

  4. kunlexy301 says :

    True stuffs…nice article

  5. young J. says :

    Bros u have said it all already

    its a lot easier/Fun stealing/Seducing someone’s babe than keeping your own.

  6. @bossikeh says :

    Yes i can. They’ve stolen mine before its only right i pay back like that Bitch called KArMA. Who can be trusted in this world, Even the guy that was trying to pay money for his bride-to-be sef, probably has skeletons in his cupboard, but i bow to the chic o!! .
    But 1 question deolu “WHY EVILS”?

  7. nikkymandy says :


  8. 'Deolu Bubbles says :

    tnx everyone @bossikeh: why evils how ?

  9. aot2 says :

    You know the story wey pain me pass? Its the one of the babe who was having her nipples played with while her to-be husband entered the rain to put money into her account for their wedding preparation. Why evils? Why?

  10. skilful says :

    i luv havin a thingy 4 gehs inna relationship. 1 no strings attachd i.e no commitment nided 4m eida party. 2 I can bodly ascertain wher ma doug is. infact she’s d one who does d spendin. 3. d sex is amazin. i go 2 her house wen d hubby is away on bisnez trips. its like playin ‘catcher’.Lolz gehs in a relatnship r d best. Ba komi

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