The Spark!

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Chics call it all sort, some ladies call it rhythm, some call it connection, some call it spark, but i tink i prefer the spark name, the funniest thing is that this is a big decider in friendship, dating and even marriage, chics complain a lot about how they are not dating anyone at the moment because there isn’t any spark with the guys they’ve been meeting, the irony of this spark issue is no matter how rich or fine or tall or short you’re, ladies will always turn you down, the spark can come in so many ways because ladies always have an image of their ideal man in their head, tall, good-looking, dark, athletic, rich, from their tribe, can shag very well(also very key 🙂 ), among other requests.

Ladies tend to move emotionally towards guys that they can connect with, that share their same view on music, lifestyle, movies, food, fashion, etc. I don’t blame them anyway cos who wants to be bored to death with a guy that they don’t connect, guys get a lot of things wrong in interaction with the opposite sex, they carry the same old advice that they’ve heard since they were 15, Just Be Yourself (JBY). Am sorry, this aint 1991, you need to adjust your life pattern, you need to indulge in more activities, you need to read more vastly, you need to adapt to a whole new world, back in 1991, there was no facebook, no yahoo, no twitter, right now, the world is a lot more dynamic, when i came out of secondary school, i couldn’t speak to a woman boldly which had to do with shyness on my own part plus i went to an all-boys secondary school, so my opposite sex skills were very low, at a point, i couldn’t speak infront of a babe but it isn’t as serious as Raj’s own (Raj from the big bang theory, let me say it here, am a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory, Fringe, Hustle, Leverage, Glee (yes, glee lol) and thousands more)

Back to the original story, my point is you need to learn to be that guy you wanna be, you need to change your wardrobe, you need to change your haircut, you need to read more books, novels, marketing books (yes, i said marketing books, if you can talk to a woman very well, you will be able to sell anything 😀 **ask anybody** , u might be able to get some skills from those books, might work vice versa but this time around, you’re selling yourself to her). I met a girl once in a bus, i think i was in 200 level or so then,i was heading back to school, just read my female interaction book from the internet i was so pumped to test some of them out, my heart skipped a few beats but then i said the Hi, and at that point, i was kinda scared at what her reaction will be, will she just ignore or reply with insult or something, coincidentally for me, she dint insult or nothing, she just said hi back and i followed the conversation with whats her name and if she was a student, it all went well but i can remember vividly that she couldn’t construct her english properly, she kept on shelling and shelling and more shelling, i dint mind cos even me myself, i was only practicalizing stuffs i read online. I got her number and the rest.

I had to learn from all sort of places, i subscribe to a lot of alpha-male newsletter and blogs, i also read later on that the so-called spark are different with different people, some people are born with it and some people develop the skill as they relate more and educate their mind, to create spark isn’t very difficult, you just have to be confident, i have met a chic  before, for the first date, she told me she just had an abortion O_O like 2 months ago and the so called girl is just 21, which brings to mind that what kind of world are we in now *smh*, she asked me not to use it against her, so i will consider that sha.

You have to be able to charm her with your intelligence, your jokes, your opinion on issues and probably your looks cos at a point, for some ladies they don’t believe in looks, they prefer wits and guts( whats the point of being with a fine dunce) , not really a bad news so to say, i know some badt guys that are experts at creating sparks, it takes a lot of work though but if you meet them, you will totally fall in love with them, some of them are using this skills to get laid while some are just using it for flirting purposes and to for business, you would probably wonder why have the skills and then use it for just mere flirting, they have their reasons, for me , i use it all the way, cos at some point, you cant sleep with every girl you’ve met, you can only try, the best part about the ability to create spark is that it can help you in business, if you’re very good, you can charm your female client, get your business deal, get your cheque and move on with the rest of your life. Shikena!

The good part about been able to create spark is that no lady can resist it, even when they are not with you and they’ve got a boyfriend, they cannot explain what is it about you exactly that they really like and attracts them, if its your looks, composure, stature, or jokes, they can even go as far as sleeping with you(a post for another day, sleeping with a girl in a relationship).

Even the bible says all things work together for good for those who love the lord! Creating sparks isnt a bad idea then 😀

Lemme give you a secret to know if a girl is feeling you, its simple, i always tell you to look into her eyes when talking to her, stare into her eyes, if she’s really into you, her pupils will start to dilate, which means her pupils will start moving left and right in a fast way,look into her eyes like you’re looking for something, take this from me and try it anywhere, its scientific and very correct also there is another one about her breathing, it will change, will expatiate on that later on.

So, to create spark, be direct, be funny, be smart, be interested, be caring, be attentive(Be that listening hear) , keep focus on her, stop staring at the other chics walking by…lollz, chics hate this and i have had to pay severely for this, so in your own interest of getting laid or getting into a relationship or which ever floats your boat, stop staring at other chics around 🙂

Keep your focus on her.

Have a fantastic one!

Keep Reppin
'Deolu Bubbles

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9 responses to “The Spark!”

  1. Ekwe says :

    nice one. Had a roommate who met a girl in a bus and screwed her the next day. it was his first time.

    it would be funny and interesting to hear about that sleeping with a girl in a relationship. hahahaha. the sheer wrongness of it all!!

  2. Phunke says :

    Hmmmn…the spark.That spark is the most important part of the relationship to me.In fact,it defines the whole relationship.Nice write up.

  3. Kemmiiii says :

    Yes o! That spark is important o!
    BTW @ekwem’s roomate tho! *smh*

  4. Kemmiiii says :

    They new design is swell btw! I love the pink.

  5. 'Deolu Bubbles says :

    @kemmiiii: Thank God @ekwem has seen it happen before, it happens, they work amongst us

  6. kunlexy301 says :

    It works like mad tho it doesn’t lead to sex coz i don’t want it to..but it has gotten me alot of female friends

  7. 'Deolu Bubbles says :

    Thank you kunlexy301 ….. 🙂

  8. skilful says :

    i hate hustle wit so much passion. very dead. infact i hate anyfin britsh except harry potter. anoda opinion, i dont tink d ROM 8 VS 28 verse connectd wif ur story. all in all, its a nice writeup. and again wit or witout d spark, sum chics r bent on givin u a run 4 der attentn n luv. So if u aint got d spark b pesistent. It wuks 2.Lol

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