Single ladies +Marriage

In all honesty, girls talk about this than guys, guys  under 30 years old , okay, lets say the guys that i know under the age of 30 usually don’t think much of it cos they see it as miniature handcuffs(i stole that somewhere, so bite me :D). Its not as if we dread marriage, it just seems like a lockdown for some people who have a penchant for variety while ladies see it as fulfillment.

As for me ‘Deolu, i see it as something sacred, maybe i’ll stop this blog when am about to get married or maybe i wont , its fun writing all these things and sharing it with you wonderful people.
Ladies have these common sayings like “My husband will enjoy me”,”I can’t wait to get married”,”People say I will make a good wife”,”I LOVE KIDS”,am sure you would have heard these statements millions of times from so many Nigeria SINGLE ladies (notice the emphasis on the SINGLE word, i.e in caps) .

They have read all the books and attended most seminars on successful marriages.After reading all these, they still have issues in there marriages.Had a friend who had all the happy marriage series ,”How to be successful in marriage”,”How to be ready for Marriage”,”Your Mr Right”,”Mr Right is here”,”How to know Mr Right”,”Mr Right Now”,”Welcome Mr. Right”….after reading all these books,she attended all marriage seminars and programmes I havent  heard of.You would expect her to be married for Life,But NO.Her marriage lasted less than 2 years….Why??? I don’t know,if u see her ask her,i could help you with her twitter handle anyway, we all have issues, what makes our marriage unique is how handle these issues, how we resolve the little & major fights.

My point is clear,there is no formula to a fruitful relationship,either I like you or I don’t. Stop reading all that crap abeg ,you can’t force anyone to like you (but u can use guilt, works for some guys),cook all the food,fix all the weavon(indian hair, brazilian hair) it will only make me want to sleep with you 😀 . A chic once told me that she likes tall yellow guys,but she got married to a short black dude like MI,but not that famous…you wanna know what happened to the marriage,yes your guess is as good as mine.they got a divorce :(( .as horrible as i am, i dont like hearing about divorces :(( .chics are just confused (not all of them, atleast most of them :D) .Another told me she can never marry a non yoruba guy,but she is engage to an IGBO man proper with all the accent…so one wonders what they read in all these books.

They spend hours insulting guys yet we fall into each other’s ways, we fall for some, we absolutely hate some, we become mumu(mumu button is another post) for some, we marry some and we become friends with benefit for some.Heard a chic saying guys are “Two faced bastards, they cant be trusted…”, they are not sincere,I was so pissed that I started talking to her about how nice guys are…long story short,we had sex 4 days later   (ladies, lemme just say this, because we just had sex doesn’t mean we’re dating, am sorry to burst the bubble, isn’t that my last name?)

Just because you talk about guys and share experiences does not mean some mofo(excuse my japanese ) wont get you. Oprah has never been married( i even heard she’s gay, shhhhh u dint hear it from me o**whistling n walking away with my hands in my pocket**) but she gives marriage advice to married women and these women listen to her because she speaks to their heart, ladies, the best place to get advice from is your mother, that is if your mum isn’t like Patience Ozokwor from nollywood #thingswevelearntfromnollywood.

No book will tell you that your baby will wake up 12:00 AM crying and pee/shit on himself or herself and will do so 4 more times before morning .These are marriage core,it is stressful,thats why guys avoid it.But chics want it cos some of them think its the end of their problems, sorry to burst some girl’s bubble again, its not!

I dont blame them sha, cos even bible talk say “2 heads are better than one”, cant remember the book, chapter or verse, i don remix as sha “Two good heads are better than one”.

One last secret for chics if you want to know whether your guy likes you or not,ask his friends if they will tell you the truth.Whatever he tells them is the truth not what he says to you,  and i can assure you that you wont get it out from them that easily cos you know what,we support our buddie, the only way u can get the truth from guys is if his friends are drunk, works well at the time

We will tell you how good he’s spoken to us about you and all that, meanwhile the mofo(excuse my japanese again) complains about you all the time while we’re debating how best to break up with your ass.

Lemme round up by saying there is no secret to a successive marriage, the formula for your marriage is different from mine, what works for you might not work for me stop comparing your relationship with ur friends’, so just live your life, fall in love with ur heart and your head,some people date for 10 years and don’t end up married, some people date for 3 months and their marriage seems like its made in heaven.A man once told me, there is nothing like marrying the right person, its all about taking a decision and praying to God to help you stay true to your decision, and ladies where you’re looking at for marriage might not be the place you should be looking!

Be charming, be nice, be tight, be alright, be native, be creative, av skills, stand strong….ok!!! i should stop stealing M.I’s lines….hehehe.

Keep Reppin’

‘Deolu Bubbles


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9 responses to “Single ladies +Marriage”

  1. funchiq says :

    wow, u hit it rite on the head. it looks like am stalking your blogs, u are good.

  2. ekwe says :

    hehehe. really,you had sex with her four days later?
    I shake my head for you!!

  3. alex says :

    This truth was not bitter sha.
    so… ladies think of the happy doo n the guys js think of the baby poo…
    *buckles singles belt tighter*

  4. kunlexy301 says :

    Nice post but guy u no dey slow sleep wit geh

  5. Kemmiiii says :

    Deolu! 4 days after! The babe no try sef!

  6. 'Deolu Bubbles says :

    @kemmiiii, 4 days is even much, av done 2 days before, it all depends on where you hook up

  7. 'Deolu Bubbles says :

    @funchiq @ekwe @kunlexy301 @alex ; thanks and at times, it depends on the chic’s body language

  8. Bubba says :

    Ds is absolutely beautiful

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