Babe: First 5 minutes

Hi folks, i told you yesterday that we would have a female guest writer, she’s writing a female version for yesterday post, enjoy it and leave your comments.

We ladies always have our way whenever we want and can do anything to achieve that. We run the world forget the guys give them some loving and that’s it you got them hooked. We have the strongest heart cause after several heart breaks we
still stand strong. We can make and as well break men. We could be very caring and at same time vicious.

These days women get paid more than men(asides pornography industry) and unlike those days ladies are now on high seats.

Talking about our first meeting with a man we could be very choosy. He has to look smart and neatly dressed. If he’s tall, dark and handsome its a plus( i don’t like fair guys, no offense  yellow boys). He has to be confident and intelligent and also charming and also smell nice.

He has to look perfect or almost. The eyes may make us fall in love if its sexy enough and the lips. We mostly believe that the shape of a man’s lips will determine if he can kiss the minute we see him. Now if ’em lips are pink we could spend the whole time thinking about a very long kiss and believe or not guys with pink are mostly cute. .imagine watching a guy with pink lips talking and we’re there smiling and lost in thought of him kissing me pressing my ass into his groins…..squashing my boobs against his chest….. and then we get triggered my “Do you get?”, we’re brought back into reality with the question and then we say “yes, yes u’re totally right” at those times, we’re getting wet down there **winks** .

Broad shoulders in a well tailored designer suit, t shirt or whatever nice it is,  the man is wearing could make us swallow our spit all through and imagine ourselves running our hands over his chest, trace out the spine of his back with
our tongue, sprinkle a little honey into it and lick it off, for us ladies, its not always about the sex, its the foreplay that kills. His nails must be neat and no nail-biting – that could be a turn-off sometimes, if you bite ur nails, you might make up for it in other departments of erotica

If you don’t know – we love sexy athletic looking men with nice abs so if you think you are wasting your time bursting your ass in the gym, you are not cause soon you shall be rewarded. Your feet nails if u want to show them has to be neat so if you haven’t cleaned them we would appreciate if you keep them away from sight.
And finally, a teaser of the package isnt bad, some ladies dont like it, but i love it, i like to see a trailer of the package, a little bulge will tell me how big it is, and we definitely dont like small dicks despite some of us have small pussies,the best feeling comes from the dick feeling our pussy up and hitting that spot for us.

So, the when we meet you within the first 5 minutes, we can tell if you’re getting a kiss or even a smooch or even all the package…..

Be killing on that date, dudes, and pray she’s as crazy as me cos av made out with a guy on the first date before,  gave him a terrific head ….


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8 responses to “Babe: First 5 minutes”

  1. funchiq says :

    u forgot to mention the part of a bump less chin. nicely shaved hair and beard. plus he has to have a good command of the English language. yep there there are fly guys out dere who can look great but cant speak good English. but the article is definitely fly and the pic is OMG, i want that.

  2. @ekwem says :

    hahahahahaha…this goes thru ya ladies are more perverted than i thought…or maybe its just you I like it!

  3. tunngy says :

    This is woooow!!! Jst as I thought!

  4. kunlexy301 says :

    Nice but not all girls like d same characteristics in a guy

  5. duttyboi says :

    Well written n gave us an insights 2 d minds of most ladies though we go with our instincts n r usually ryt or almost ryt most times.

  6. Young says :

    Cool writeup,buy this not apply to all babes…some Nigerian girls like pot belly

  7. wunmexy says :

    Wow I love this .. I’ve seen sexy men that don’t really clean shave and f the guy communities well then he must be able to speak English. Nice one and the picture is ..

  8. MsBukonla says :

    Pls tell the babe for me that I said, e go tey before she get man. She should keep watching E! And flipping through GQ

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