Guy: First 5 minutes !

Okay, what am about to write is strictly based on my observations with babes, SHIKENA!!! As guys, we aint wired like babes, we can only focus on one thing and one thing at a time, that’s why during the game, when you ask us questions, we just say yes to everything and then change our answers immediately after the game and we’re like “Did I say that?” and then you tell us “Yes, u said dat during the game before Man Utd scored” and we look you straight in the face, with all concentration focused on you, we utter the following words “Never ask me about serious life threatening questions during the game”.

We’re one way traffic while ladies are multi-tasking, a lady can cook, read, breastfeed a baby and also suck a dick (No offence ladies), you people are aliens, no wonder some guy wrote a book that women are from mars, God made them that way for a reason.

The point is they can be more meticulous than us in thoughts and all, that’s why the kinda shoe you wear matters alot, is it polished well, is it pointed, does it suit your outfit, all that and more.

When you meet a lady for the first time, for a guy its a whole different experience compared to that of a lady, we look at how beautiful she is which would be the ratio of her nose, her eyes, her lips in proportion to her whole face area and then downwards to the body, skinny, a lil bit fleshy, fleshy, chubby and fat and then we proceed to your boobs (some people skip the whole thing to jump to this one), we love boobs, oh my goodness, its an addiction o, in this category also we look at how big it is, depends on the guy’s experience, some people can classify it into Cup size…..lolllz, but for the usual guys, its snake bite (this one is usually possessed by girls with monstrous ass, I mean those kinda porno ass, big, juicy, wiggling type, the snake bite just means its only nipple there, very small package grace with the nipple almost like swelling of the flesh after snake bite, this is usually A cup boobs.

Then we move into normal size, they’re quite handful and then the big ones and then the monster boobs like the cossy type ones……lollllz, we definitely look at the shape also whether its a figure V or Figure 8 or inverted V, the V means upper body, figure 8 is the one to die for and the inverted V is erotic, imagine a babe with regular chest size and then the hips are flaring, these type of shape always have guys drooling!

We proceed to the ass, is it the shapey one, the regular normal size o bt nicely packaged or fat and flat, looks like eba in jeans…….lolllz or is it the big and well shaped one.

Ladies, all this we see and analyze in first few minutes of our contact with you and this is what gets us interested in the first place, all that story of love a woman for who she really is will come later, first of all, we need to get attracted before delving into whether her character is good or not……lolllz, appearance is everything.

So, when you’re seeing ur next date for the first time, you might wanna make sure you’re looking edible even if he doesn’t look like he’s gonna eat the meal….its after this that we will classify you into where you will stay in our lives,wife material, girlfriend, parole, jst friend, never-meet-again…….lolllz

Before i conclude this, some guys are crazier in terms of scrutinizing babes, i mean guys with extreme OCD, will look at her nails, her feet cleavage (yes feet cleavage, lolllz), how she chooses her words and even crazier, we’re all different people.

This article is in 2 parts, the other part is coming up, the female point of view, we’re gonna have a guest writer, whoop whoop….

P.S : I love ladies with huge thighs, way too sexy when they cross their legs, everyone loves a hawt chic! 😀

Take care people

Keep Reppin’
‘Deolu Bubbles


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6 responses to “Guy: First 5 minutes !”

  1. @ekwem says :


  2. rinolee says :

    That’s just the fact about we guys. A not too big boobs with mad ass figure 8 kinda girls are my favourites. Nice write-up.

  3. funchiq says :

    left to me the world would be a better place if two of @deolububble existed. am in love with your blogs, guessing this is wat it is.

  4. @kunlexy301 says :

    Chics wit big boobs wit moderatly big ass and big thighs are my type nd she gotta know ow to sway those thighs

  5. 'Deolu Bubbles says :

    @funchiq : why wud you want 2 of me ? Isnt one enough?

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