Local Sexual Enhancer : Ogidiga

First of all, i want to say a big thank you to everyone who has read this blog and invited people to read it as well, i am very grateful, if there is anyway i can help or you wish to get across to me, you can send a mail to deolu.bubbles@gmail.com or send it to my  timeline  @deolububble.

Okay, some of us know this new wave called “Ogidiga” and for some of us, its quite new, its the next best thing since slice bread, says a very close friend of mine, we have all heard of different local sexual stimulants, from the first generation of big stout, Jedi, Ale, opa eyin, these were the traditional means which alot of boys used and then came the Alomo bitters, the “agbo” that became more acceptable with better packaging, even more “tush” people were able to use it, the beauty of alomo is that it helps eradicate pile and some other minor illnesses in the body and also improves the sex drive.

Other sexual enhancers could be the like alcohol like “Odeku” (Guinness Extra Stout), this is old cos even my grandfather has his tale of back in the days, whenever he wanted to get his groove on, the odeku comes in handy.

Am about to offend some people with this next statement, i feel there is no need sleeping with another girl asides from your girlfriend if you aint fucking her brains out, i have special set of friends, lol, special in the sense that when each one has a “match”, when i mean match am talking about a girl coming over strictly to fuck, we have an arrangement, first of all, if its impromptu(you can read about my own impromptu parole), you can go ahead with your usual strength with am guessing is average, when i mean average you can fuck as much as 15-20 mins for the first round, if you cannot fuck for 15-20 mins for your first round, i would like to propose a therapy for you.

Which starts with you taking alomo bitters, the small bottle for every night before going to bed for atleast 5 days, then after this, you should go to the toilet and drop off all the excess sugar in your system, then you can look for Ogidiga, God’s gift to man, take it a day before that time and your life will not remain the same again, somebori shout Hallelujah!!!!!!!!

This new or not so new aphrodisiac helps alot of guys take care of their bedroom affairs, i can tell you for a fact that babes want you to fuck the shit outta them, no doubt about that, if you aint doing that, am sorry bro, if she gets it outside and its better than yours, you might as well be losing her bit by bit, am sure you dont want her telling you while you’re jacking that “Pls dont come now, not yet”, very very embarrassing :(.

You should be the guy she’s running away from in the bedroom, she should be telling you she’s tired not the other way round, the female excitement pattern is alot different from a guy’s own, as guys we can get an erection and be ready to go in 2 minutes with kissing and smooching, with ladies it takes longer and thats when they’re disappointed when they dont climax, its just like  milking a cow all the time, its what causes mad cow disease(my own theory though) , imagine as a babe, this guy comes regularly to smooch and caress your boobs and u’re so wet and he just leaves you high and wet, no fingering no penetration, nothing, pretty annoying right? Now you understand what the cow goes through.

So, guys, make sure you prepare for every “match” before you start, you dont wanna be called a minute-man, do you?

Go and take alomo and Ogidiga for your ministry to move to the permanent site (been listening to Gordons’ alot these days, lmao).

You need to fuck her well at any chance you get, then you will be remembered well, asides providing for her material needs, i once had a girl come back alot of times to fuck even though i know it myself that i dont treat her well asides from the bed matters, but you know what the funny thing is? She comes back again and again and again (as PSquare will say) wishing i would behave right so we can date meanwhile i just love the sex(this is post for some other time), i mean those boobs and ass were so out-of-this-world and her blowjob was so nice that i wonder if she removes her teeth when giving me a head

Fucking a woman well is everything, you dont need your dick to be as long as a porn star’s dick, master to use your own.


Keep Reppin’

Deolu Bubbles


31 thoughts on “Local Sexual Enhancer : Ogidiga

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  1. What quantity can someone take before sex?
    Can someone finishe the whole bottle before sex?
    Can someone take it for the first day and get the good results or is it necessary at least five days?
    What is the price of alomo bitter?
    Thank you.

  2. Great write up dude! cant believe I’m just running into ur blog for the first time. You write the way a person thinks but cant really get around putting words to it.. that’s talent!..Sorry for digressing.

      1. I am interested in Ogidiga. Could you tell me more about the product? Would appreciate your response.

  3. alomo or ogidiga? haven’t used any before. What’s the dose for both and after the 5 days dose of alomo, how often do i have to take ogidiga? and unfortunately, i’m not a fan of alcohol…… but i might make an exception if its medicinal purposes….. lol

    1. alomo or ogidiga? haven’t used any before. What’s the dose for both and after the 5 days dose of alomo, how often do i have to take ogidiga? and unfortunately, i’m not a fan of alcohol…… but i might make an exception if its medicinal purposes….. lol

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