See bobbi!!!!!!

Boobs! Boobs!! Boobs!!!

This part of a woman’s body has destroyed men, economies, nation, dynasties and several uncountable lives and also has built so many things.

We love that shit, we can stare at all day, some of us know your cup size by looking at your chest and please don’t criticize some of us who haven’t perfected the act of sneakpeeking, its tedious for some of us, especially when we see B cup upward boobs.

To tell you how crazy it is, some boys still look at deeper life babes chest, not the scarcely dressed ones o, those ones with the uniform, I mean the closely knitted ones with the miniature turbans (I don’t mean to offend Deeper life people, am so sorry, its for referral, we love you guys).

Looking at boobs is ancient tradition and the bigger it is, the more attention, the carrier gets, for instance the only reason cossy is popular is because of her boobs, and for the records those boobs are ernomous, saw her at shoprite the other day, I just tire, damn, dats a huge boy toy.

Some boys know how to take care of it or handle it, depending on which one suits you, u know? 😉

The soft massage, the nipple twist, the soft bites, the hot rub!

Oh boy! We can look at boobs all day, its sweet, delicious and where it needs to be is in my mouth. Unless, a lady stipulates she wants it handled roughly, she most definitely wants it handled softly and gently, try to work on areola area.

So, what’s your own kinda boobs, am a D-Cup guy!

You can image how embarrasing it is, wen ThisDay boss Nduka was staring at beyonce’s boobs….lolllz, I couldn’t stop laughing and the diddy picture stares at Jessica Biel boobs, let me say it here and now, disagree with me or agree, I tink Jessica is absolutely hawt, one white girl with a cute ass!

One tip for guys who don’t know how to sneakpeek, u need to learn look at it and take a picture of it in my mind and then dissect it in your brain all in one micro second.

With loads of practice, you will get better at it!

Full stare is rude! Stop it, use my tip!

Which celebrity boobs trips you?

Keep Reppin’
‘Deolu Bubbles

Dont worry diddy! It happens to the best of us....lolllz

About 'Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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5 responses to “See bobbi!!!!!!”

  1. nsuaha says :

    Hehehe.. Karen’s tho x_x #okbye

  2. 'Deolu Bubbles says :

    badt guy! which means you dont have an issue with silicon boobs?

  3. Phunke says :

    Lwkmd.I like boobs too and I’m a girl o.If I were a guy I would definitely be a boob guy.Boobs are mesmerizing,no doubt and I’ve got the best pair in the whole wide world.

  4. nsuaha says :

    Guy boobs na boobs ooo…lol

  5. 'Deolu Bubbles says :

    @phunke: i can imagine, wat cup do u wear?
    @nsuaha: badt guy, i know dat kin feeling, nicki minaj own nko?

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